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  • Whoa, thanks for the actual criticism lulz. I can't get anything but damn "zomg ur so graet" on dA which is half the reason why I post my stuff on other sites. So again, thanks, and please, if you have the time try to give me some more! :D
    Tell Jonathan the house on Titan is a broken shell for some reason, looks like TNT. I SWEAR REVENGE ON WHOEVER DID THIS.
    Nah, just because (as in every place in the world) there are some prejudices about being canadians, that I, to be frankly honest, don't exactly know. O.O

    Maybe you should just google it but eh, nothing important.
    no problem. i'm only just starting to dress in lolita now, but i love it. if ur interested in it, may i recomend fyeah lolita as a good blog to learn from? miss caro-chan is really knowlageable.
    This is just as well, though I'll probably mention what we've come up with in the ArtMo thread (and maybe some other artsy places I go to) to get other input on it.

    As for clay sculptures, I've done some fairly small ones from about three inches to three and a half inches or five and half centimeters to eight centimeters, which I had in mind when making the guidelines. It'd make much more sense if total amount required was adjusted on the size next year. However I've haven't had much of a chance to work with paints and even less with clay painting, so the required amount of painted sculptures was just a rough estimate based on painting each part the correct color. I was a bit pressed for time this year (due to my ever-present procrasination), so the guildlines aren't as thought out as they could have been. >:

    The no tracing rules were put into place to avoid problems with art theft and keep every ArtMoer on a relatively level playing field. On the other hand, I've almost always used some sort of reference when I make sculptures, so it makes sense what benefits a traced picture would give you as a starting point. I'll have to do some more research and get more opinions before the tracing verdict is decided, but tracing over your own works for this purpose would be perfectly acceptable. Although, I don't know yet if the traced portions would have to be made during ArtMo or not.

    Textures, however, would be acceptable, though I'm not sure what rules they'd have yet.

    There isn't anything particular to ArtMo that I need to ask, but it'd be helpful if I had an idea on how long it takes you to start and complete a 3D model and what is the quickest you've finished one. I'm definitely going to look up 3D modeling videos to get a rough idea of how it works, though! I don't have a Skype, unforunately, so that method won't work. >:
    Thanks, I did make them (and sequence the midis), yes. :D And they are in my DeviantArt gallery, complete with theme tunes... you've seen them somewhere without? D:
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