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  • No, not surprisingly they don't reveal their locations on the internets. Right now we're going to try swordfighting with these sweet wooden practice swords, and have a shuriken shooting gallery. Then we'll also do some reconnaissance and take out a couple of the bullies at school. The first order of business is clearing out all the branches in our crazy forest hideout though.
    Cape, yeah that's what it is. I think everyone should wear those nowadays. They rock.

    That's what the ninja training is for. I've started a group with a bunch of my friends but it's been postponed because of the snow. D;
    Like V. He wears a dress thingy. But he's cool enough to pull it off.
    No, I'm planning on having a few shurkiens literally up my sleeve.
    Well, it's in Russia, and the "wolves were bad that year" and they all got drunk at a party and were finally driving home to the town. There's a couple of wolf cries but everyone's drunk and doesn't care. Then it catches on and there's a ton of them, from every direction. That was enough to "get everyone sober." Then the see the wolves racing to eat them. The horses in the sleigh in the rear freak out and tip the sleigh. "the cries of the horses was worse than the cries of the humans" Slowly but surely the rest of the sleighs get owned except for the one in the front, which has the bride, groom, and the two russian dudes in the main story. One of them says "throw the bride" and the groom's like "no way dude!" and so they get into an arguement and they stand up, and russian dude pushes the groom and the bride out of the sleigh to the wolves. They return to the town and everyone's like "what happened" and they're like "uh..." and so they get throw out of town, and the next one, and the next one and then they come to America, and the guy who's telling the story is sick and dying, then he dies, and his friend leaves and they're no longer part of the story.

    I think I like the aisle thing more though. It would be funnier. :D
    A happy somewhere, true, true. In my english class we just read My Antonia, and it didn't really have too much of a happy anywhere. It was pretty cool though, because a bride and groom got eaten by wolves in one part.
    Yeah, it's even more annoying because it has no redeeming value. Here, in Mormon land (which is usually great) every single girl was absolutely flipping out about it. It was the only thing I heard about for two years straight. My library, I'm not even kidding you, had 11 copies of the first book. Middle school library, mind you. It wasn't as bad for the other books, but still enough to make all the males groan.
    Don't worry, not all mormons uphold the shadowy standards endorsed in that book. >>

    I'll have to go check out Tenderness and Dreamrider then. When I was young, I kinda got into the Goosebumps series, but my mom was like "argh you're too young" and since then I haven't read a lot of nightmare fuel books. Not like Goosebumps really fit in there.
    Good. I'm glad you dislike Twilight (book, not espeon) otherwise I'd have to eat you. It's a disgrace to the name Mormon. D: I haven't read very many nightmare fuel books, any good suggestions?
    Aw, come on! They can't be that bad. Well, yes they can. My school's library is pretty bad. They only have books on random topics, and hardly ever get any new releases.
    You never know. This college's library that I have to go to for my English/History research topics has like everything. It had stuff about indentured servants in Colonial America for crying out loud! It's actually pretty sweet.
    Eh, people are more dense than you think. It takes an active mind to be aware of dangers around you.

    Not that I know of, but he's pretty sweet. 505 kills is more than most people get in ANY videogame. I might have to go read a biography on him or something.
    Well, when I play, everyone tries to go for the big hotshots that are athletic and all that stuff. They go for the person they think will be the most damaging to their team. I go for sneak attacks too, much nicer. I pretty much do in every game. If you can be a spy, that's what I am. Even in (video)games where you can't really, I snipe them from across the battlefield with a pistol. :D
    Everyone uses me as a shield. I'm as big as a billboard. "Your tiny bathing suit demeans us all" NAME THE REFERENCE

    But I'm training to be a ninja, so I can normally dodge the balls pretty easily. Well, kinda.
    Don't worry. Once I had a sudden impulse to bite my friend's arm. So I did. Hard. And he's all like "What the heck are you doing?!?!"
    Sounds like my friends and your friends might get along.
    No, it was worse than that. I heard from one of my friends that toasted starbursts were really good. So I stuck it in the fire for a while, and was like "Is this done?" I held it up to see, and apparently it was done, because it was molten and dripped onto my toe. I still have a scar, and that was like three months ago. D:
    Then I got ticked off at my brother and walked all the way down the canyon. I actually got to the end before my parents picked me up.
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