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Erindor the Espeon

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  • Wooowwww....

    Yeah... it was mostly fun, but I was kind of in a daze the entire time. My friends wouldn't let me sleep. Not making this up.
    Well, my computer broke. Using my mom's. And stuff...
    I don't know... I'm really not all that interested in the RSP anymore. I mean, I'm not quitting, but there's too much stuff going on, chosen one, special whatevers, quasi-politics... or I'm just paranoid/crazy. *headdesk*
    You, on the other hand, have a reasonable excuse. xD
    Hey, me and Kusa were wondering if you'd mind a like... 1-hour jump ahead in the Camp in the RSP, so we can get to the party?
    I got it and have been readng it over. I just have like three other pm's of plots to get to as well T_T
    Sure, i'm a bit busy with other stuff so it may take a month odd until i can get round to it. hopefully not, though.
    Felia would "officially" declare herself the mascot of the RSP and make up a weird theme song, talk about how she's going to evolve into a Houndoom someday, etc. When they're a little older, of course.
    ..But never while skydiving. REMEMBER THAT, kids!

    That would be really funny, if Asrai, being really little, gets confused over if it's Asrai or Asari and freaks out. x3
    Just realized.. Did you mean to write Asari? It was Asrai..
    Come to think of it, both sound nice.. xDD
    I like it, too, and I'm not even in a quasi-drunken state from sleep deprivation!

    Nah, I'm not bored. But Twilight reeally is. So.. yeah, probably will, pretty soon.
    They're aquatic fairies in folklore, and I think one of us mentioned Lydia evolving into a Vaporeon, and it sounds pretty...
    Then again, it's almost 2, so... xD
    Good night.
    "I'm bored. Tell me a story."
    "I'm kind of.. uh, busy..."
    "Tell me a story or I'll beat you up!"
    "Once upon a time the end."
    That story sucks. You should be ashamed of yourself."

    That'd be pretty much inevitable. x33
    ..If Twilight was funnier. And not so wimpy. >>
    Sorry.. my scanner is still being "borrowed". I think they're planning on keeping it, it's been so long. Dx

    I dunno. I can't think of any at the moment (Read: Whenever I try to think of one), but I will. At some point.
    Hm.. I do like the name Moon, but I think Felia actually fits her more. And, yeah. It's more original. But, I do want to name one of them, at least. Rename Lydia? I don't know.
    In that case.. Hi!! xD
    BUM BUM BUUUUM. Hope there aren't ten billion posts by the time you do. Though it's preeetty likely.
    You ate my mom?! But human flesh is really unhealthy, high in fat and calories!! :O
    Yeah, I'm going to.

    Male? She'll get some serious emotional issues over that! Thanks a lot! >>
    ..Maybe. xDD
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