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  • By the way, I'm thinking the 1%/2% evasion boosts that higher affection levels can grant are kind of useless enough for a player to not bother making use of (even if they manage to cap it), while enough to be kind of a pain for the opponent and the ref. You might want to try increasing them?
    10v10 y/y

    I swear I'm just going to spam aggressive petting the entire battle. It'll be so much fun to ref.
    And indeed, I have changed my battle to a 3v3v3 single! Feel free to accept whenever, and then we can get rolling. :D
    I'm attempting to get Keldeo to change her battle to a 3v3v3 single (4v4v4 double is just too much for me). You may get to be in yet!
    Sounds good. I'll go for Littlefoot against Sheena then. Want me to mention this on the challenge board?
    So you have any preferences for our battle? Like which two Pokemon you want to use? We could do something like Pants! (Scraggy) versus Louise or Sheena, or Littlefoot (Amaura) versus Sheena so its an even matchup (Or even Foxtrot the Zorua versus one of those, mwahaha). We could clash blades in Honedge vs Honedge or go for Drifloon vs Honedge.

    Just wanted to make sure we have an even matchup mon-wise because I've just made this arena and I reaaaallly want to play in it :p
    :O You're back! I used to check your profile once every couple of years or so wondering if you'd even return, haha.

    So! We've played a couple of games together and you seem to enjoy mafia and enjoy actually playing it instead of just sending night actions and hoping for the best!

    So I was wondering if you knew there was a #mafia channel on irc.veekun.com, which is what a couple of people who used to play at the forums more have been using instead! It has way more focus on discussion than the forums tend to, and we have some interesting roles that aren't used on the forums!

    It might be fun for you to try out if you're interested!
    I might then; I might be more active here than I already am then. Okay. I think I might be able to get Superbird to ref. Thanks, I appreciate it anyway :)
    ...hi. Can you ref a battle? I'm not trying to get in your way, so if you can't or anything, just tell me so...details in the Challenge Board (sur-PRISE!!) I don't think it's been taken, so. Thank you for reading this at all, even if you reply no. Thanks.
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