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  • idk tbh i really... don't have an opinion... i guess whatever he wants i'm fine with...
    Actually, better question. Scald defrosts the user automatically, and clearly this will apply to his face, but what about his leg? Will he have to aim some of his attack at the floor or something?
    poor little Little Thief :C would the freezing over his mouth stop him from using Giga Drain?
    yoooo, could my Litwick worm his way out of a Rock Tomb by Minimizing (please say yes, so cute)
    :D!! thanks for taking me vs Keldeo, you're the best! (also man, your challenge looks awesome. too bad I can't afford to put any more on my reffing plate, but I bet someone else will snatch it up pretty quick)
    The ruling on all-target moves is still current, yes. (Also, I think Round should do the command order thing regardless of whether the first one hits or not — it may not work this way in the games, but it makes the most flavour sense in ASB.)
    (also, it'd probably be very helpful to mention exactly how much health Moreiality is losing and how much energy she's gaining)
    The Trump Card one is a 13% damage adjustment, correct? You can edit that one in and allow Faorzia to recommand accordingly, since that just happened in the past round.

    As for the Bide thing: it looks like that makes a difference only to Moreiality's energy, and I doubt that would have changed either of their commands at all. (Correct me if I'm misinterpreting the situation here.) 10% energy is a big number on its own, but since Moreiality has plenty of energy anyway it shouldn't hurt to correct that number now. Faorzia has the chance to recommand due to Trump Card, so it should be fine.
    Well, I, for one, would be very bored during the evenings and weekends. :p
    The rates are easy! (which is why I think blazhy and Mai suggested them in the first place.) 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%. Otherwise I would've bothered to write them down somewhere, probably.

    edit: also, as I just went and clarified in the db description, the base energy cost for Acrobatics when its power is doubled should be 7% (i.e. the regular cost for an 11% move). This is true for I think every move with variable base power now, though I've been updating the summaries whenever a new one comes to make it totally clear.
    Yeah, it's mostly to avoid confusion over whether changes are going to be applied mid-battle or not. Thanks!
    Hey Jack, just a small thing: generally when game mechanics change in ASB we keep them unchanged in battles that are currently in progress (unless the change is to fix something totally game-breaking) so that battlers don't have to change any plans or strategies halfway through. It's really minor this time, but we should probably uphold the principle of it anyway.
    Hey, in your mafia games, is it okay to copy the text of PM's? Or will that get me modkilled :(
    Hi, regarding the Amie arena, does base speed determine the order of Pokemon playing with their trainers?
    What a happy coincidence! Mind choosing our sendouts beforehand? (I mentioned my Goomy just because I thought he'd be the funniest to pet, but since I have a larger variety of Pokémon I want to try using you can pick first and then I can pick something neutral!)
    I wonder if an actual multiplier (or maybe even an evasion stage that fades somewhat quickly) might be more beneficial. The latter sounds a bit better, actually, since even +1 evasion is good enough for you to want to gamble with without being too good as long as it doesn't last too long, I think. There could be a smaller reduction for never-miss moves, since they're not affected by accuracy/evasion.
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