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  • Thank you :D

    Pikapika's named for sparkling; I believe the zorua I gave you's Ichiro (which probably should've had a u at the end, but who cares) which would be FIRST SON which amused me because he's actually the thirtieth.
    Make sure she's nicknamed, but I'm not picky as to what the nickname is.

    That'll probably be sometime tomorrow!
    They lose their international status if you hatch them, unfortunately. Yeah, you'd get a male, but the two eggs I have are probably male anyway given that I think I bred them all at one sitting and I got two females out of 32 eggs. Noooot exactly good odds.

    I started with mijumaru in my White file, so I don't need an oshawott. Already got one! There's not that much I actually need, haha, particularly since I'm not too concerned about Pokédex completion and I like breeding my own pokémon whenever I'm concerned about natures. I suppose if you have a decent yuniran that'd be good? Solosis, I think? Or if you're playing Black then I don't think I have any of the gothitelle line yet. I might've GTS'd for one, but I don't recall doing so and I'm not in the mood to check right now.

    Also note that I play White on a rom, so it's not as though it's difficult to magic more copies of Pikapika the shibishirasu into my box. It takes me about a minute to get it open and then it's just five seconds per shibishirasu, given that I've already grabbed the .pkm for her. I feel slightly bad for not having used her already given that she is the only shiny I've caught after gen II, so I kind of want to make up for that by giving her to everyone. Yes. :D
    Not right now. Possibly tonight, but I'm really not feeling well so I might just go sleep as soon as I get home. Definitely tomorrow, though.

    You don't need the actual trainer name, which is good as I don't think you'd have an easy type typing in ウィンリィ. white (j) 4469 6423 7718 I have two zorua eggs, but all of my zorua are nicknamed. Are you sure you don't want one of the hatched ones? They get 1.7* exp~!

    Also, would you like a clone of my shiny shibishirasu?
    I think that it's a good thing that you replaced the CONTINUE system, as there wasn't much of a chance that we would get to use it.
    (VM's are meant to have limited tags available for some reason.)

    I can't think of a use for Plates here, but that looks good. I'd want to see a full list before you actually open it though, just to make sure there're no problems.
    (Psst, your <s> tags don't work here 'cause this is a forum, not HTML)

    Ah, that would be fine. Not a problem there as far as I can see. So it's like, sell your Nugget and get X Backroom Points? Just two things I'd like to know: how many Points do you get for your items, and what kind of Pokémon would be available?

    True, nobody ever uses the Daycare. I guess no-one wants to waste all that time for an egg when they can just go to most areas and quite easily get what they want.

    (Ahaha, I'm not even officially in charge yet and already I'm doing the advice-and-caution thing, this is great)
    Well, we technically have the Rauzuu Safari Mart already but there's no real problems that I can see with you opening another shop - go ahead. The Daycare, though, is best left as just the... Daycare thread.

    Though if you want you can give out (random, obviously) eggs that could be hatched at the Evolution Station? That... sort of counts as a daycare? And that'd be fine by me too.

    So the answers are "yes" and "sort of".
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