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  • Hey, just to let you know, you and several other people have yet to post in the Death Note mafia game you joined. Which you might want to do, or else you will get killed from inactivity.
    I'm gonna dance dance dance with my hands hands hands above my head, dance together, forgive him before he's dead ♫
    Pathos' argument? Yeah. It was getting out of hand.

    To me, it's like pathos is confusing acceptance and attraction. I accept trans people completely (holy shit, I'm lucky just being bi. I can't imagine how difficult it is to be trans), but they're just not my preference. And he takes offense to that. I don't know if it's because he's trans himself, or what. But he has no right to be telling me how I should feel.
    I guess it happens. I was happy that UV pretty much slammed the gavel on that one. It made no sense to me the argument though. I just felt that they were too emotional about it. Best leave it a dead argument.
    Hey I was reading your posts in the Sexuality thread. I understand you, I just don't think I want to join the debate just yet.
    DS Lite doesn't render the graphics that well either -_- but hey, at least B/W works at all on the older models! The 3DS has some games that only work for the 3DS.
    It looks lousy without a 3DS. But the Skyarrow Bridge is breathtaking. I can get pictures!
    Oh, I'm sorry!!!

    I got Platinum a year late since I didn't care about Pokemon at all.
    Actually I got it as a birthday present yesterday. XD Yeah, $40 is a high price xD I got the Liberty Pass for Victini, at a Wi-Fi hotspot (but I couldn't like battle since our house doesn't have Wi-Fi.)
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