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Chief Zackrai
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  • Umm... with ASB being suspended, would you like your battle (Byrus) reffed in the meantime?
    Yeah, I'm... not entirely sure what that is. :/ But Yoshi and I think that this guy must've really liked Masque! :3
    ... Or not, but hey, let's assume the best.
    Ha yeah, I can understand liking a character just because. And the story itself is still intriguing enough to keep me hooked.

    Yeah actually, I think the beginning of the Doc Scratch narration was closer to when I started reading. That was a pretty awesome sequence.
    I guess my main gripes with the new kids is mostly related to their character development. I know it's early in the game, but I don't think it's been handled well so far. Introducing brand new characters so late in the story is always a tricky business. You don't like Jane just for her reaction faces right? I'll admit that I do think she's kinda cute. (she actually says "Golly!" pfftt) Her interactions with Gamzee were priceless.

    I'm not sure if people were like this with the trolls; I started reading Homestuck pretty late. It was near the whole Vriska/Terezi final duel. When'd you start reading?
    I was really happy to see him! Especially since we were getting back to the alpha kids, whom I'm still not too fond of, so he helped renew my interest. He was funny as usual, and I loved Jane's reactions to him.

    I can understand your disappointment over the bard costume. I was sorta imagining it to be something like a jester or circus ringleader costume myself. But maybe the ridiculous cod-piece is an optional thing.
    Chief Zackrai, you need to change your commands in your battle against Byrus. The first action isn't valid.
    Ulqi told me to kill him.

    So I ate his fucking brains. At least he won't be a problem. Though there are seven more.

    ... meep ._.
    yes i call everyone ma'am

    Yes, I know! I'm originally from Ohio. Of course, in the North, people think that you think that they're old if you call them that.
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