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  • Ugh, but it's all work that needs doing. :p I have a habit of putting things off right up until the deadline.

    What's up with your computer?
    Pfft, same. Although I really shouldn't, since I have a million things that need doing.
    endure degrades with use, just like protect and detect. They run on the same counter, too. you have half of faint on action two, three quarters on three. chance of surviving is an eighth.
    I dunno, start talking to her. She doesn't even remember agreeing to a date (bwahaha >:3). Her reaction will be rather... Comical.
    Well, I did flip my middle finger at reality, and she woke up. :3 Somewhere among the endless chain of Yoshi and Ulqi posts, there's one by me... Lemme see if I can find it.

    Chiiiieeeefffffff D:

    Masque is just Connor and Cel having cheesy conversations and stuff. Pleasepleaseplease? Logan will be rewarded soon, I promise.
    The round ends on the end of the action you switch. Should I use the first or the second command string?
    HEY. Annie has passed out from drunken-ness. >:/ Logan needs to help her, dammit.

    No, wait, now I sound angry. Not angry. Impatient, yes, but not angry.

    But seriously, Annie needs help.
    Not doing too well against Pansears 10 levels higher than it, though....Anyway, let's see if I can get it to lv. 100 by the end of tomorrow!
    So you do want to switch out immediately? What I'm asking is, should I use the first or the second command string?

    Also, apparently Yanmega's HP Ground has either 45 or 47 BP.
    Probably life orb and Bug Buzz/Air Slash/HP Ground/Protect. But you're right, I should have Giga Drain in there somewhere...

    Also that sounds like it would work, although something is naging me about how brute force it is...
    I wanted something to do now that Sigilyph is level 100 and is now a permenant Claydol replacement.

    I ended up going with Yanmega to replace Charizard as a Spec. Sweeper; and I learnt that Hidden Power breeding is much, much, much more work than regular breeding. Regardless, I now have a Timid one (screw Modest, too much work) with HP-ground, and generally high-20s IVs. And I'm running back and forth on Marvelous Bridge so I can EV train it without much effort. Do you think 252 SAtk, 252 Spd, 4 Def will work?
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