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  • but what shall I change my usertitle to... DESTROY is a bit too short
    I'm tempted to change my usertitle to TOY FOUNTAIN now... c:
    mm, that's a fair answer, feel free to post it in the question box! answers go there regardless of who's giving them :Db
    bundle of cute warm fluff (Jackie??) is thrilled to announce her assured debut in battle! :3 (her Luminous Moss is staying with Super Smile Tomato, but she shall have it back as soon as she evolves.)
    jumping in lava can activate Flash Fire! I don't really care either way, though.
    It's been a decently popular format lately, so maybe another one could come up! You could also post a challenge yourself, saying you'll volunteer to ref it and asking for two battlers :o

    Yeah, I'll post commands tomorrow evening, I hope. I never have time for much on Mondays.
    I just realised I had a pending battle promise (and I just filled my other free slot with cheese)...sooo if you feel like, you can close the battle between me and pathos. Sorry about that :/
    :c !taerg yllaer si mooR kcirT gniffer neeb ev'uoy yaw eht kniht I uoy llet ot detnaw I ,yeH
    speaking of GoT references, this is too funny (I wish I could link to specific VMs, or rather specific a series of VMs, but hopefully it won't be pushed too far down by the time you see this)
    Right, sorry for not getting to that earlier! I'll check with Eifie and see if we can come to a consensus together.

    edit: We've agreed to take it out.
    Honestly, that's one of the battles I'd like to keep going if possible. I don't mind the hit to my battle slots since one of my very old battles is about to close in a draw and I'm still in the business of being busy. And since pathos is going on an indefinite hiatus I'm guessing he doesn't mind the battle slot either. So I would like to keep it open, at least for now.
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