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  • Argh, I thought I edited this into my previous message, but vBulletin must have eaten it or something. Sorry to keep asking, especially when I've just said I'd try not to:

    If Nebuchadnezzar used Focus Punch or Counter the same turn that Encore was used against him, would he be Encored into Focus Punch/Counter or the move used before Focus Punch/Counter, since both of those moves' flavor involve preparation before the action proper? And if any Counter didn't deal any damage (i.e. no physical move was countered), how much energy would you have it cost?
    (tournament battle question edited out because I thought it might be better to ask in the Question Box rather than keep bothering you with non-ref-discretion questions)

    I wasn't sure where to mention it, but thanks for getting the round out so quickly! That was lightning speed.
    Sorry about that, I guess I didn't look far enough. Also, that last question is worded almost exactly the same. O.o
    when you have to do that exploration task that involves winning a VS Seeker battle with Lucario and your Lucario is incompetent and you don't have any Focus Sashes so you have to go trawling the safari for Lucario to send out for slaughter...

    (the Lucario I just adopted doesn't have the option to move to the VS Seeker, so maybe the person who released it was doing the same thing...)
    good luck! god Baltoy eggs were so annoying to find in the shelter without Honey+
    I finished all three for the first time! and I got Bounty Hunter! I wanted another shard though...
    just in time (which one are you hunting this month, I think I picked Baltoy but I forgot)
    Sorry about that! I'll try to get them in by tomorrow.

    A few more questions: Would you let Toby use Aerial Ace or Double Team to avoid a move from Nebuchadnezzar like Dizzy Punch or Dynamic Punch by getting out of range? Also, how do you handle speed stages?
    ooh nice Shedinja... do you need to do the hunt all over again for Ninjask or do you already have it?
    Hey, a quick question about my tournament battle - would Hyper Voice be able to drown out moves like Swagger and Torment if it were used as a conditional? (e.g. "If they try Taunt, use Hyper Voice to drown it out")
    (psst, you didn't actually deduct the Drain Punch damage from Nebwhatever's energy)
    Hi, is there a reason Toby didn't use Drain Punch for energy instead of using Me First on the last two actions in the most recent round of me vs. VM in the tournament? I commanded for him to Drain Punch normally if he couldn't change the target from health to energy.
    You might want to check those calculations again, because Nebuchadnezzar's Drain Punches should definitely be doing 16% damage to Toby's 15%.
    Ok, it's back up, and the issue that caused it in the first place should be fixed.
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