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  • Good match! Sorry about all the confusion getting it started. (Of course the game ended up giving the option of using the battle box anyway. >>)
    Sorry, though it would use the battle box and not the party, give me a second to get my actual team together.
    Nope, my ingame name's Negrek as well. XD I can see you fine, but I keep getting "There was a problem, the challenge has been cancelled" messages.

    Maybe try disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet? I registered you just now, so perhaps if you logged on before I did that it hasn't updated properly on your system yet.
    Or no? Are you cancelling on purpose? Maybe you should try making the challenge.
    Okay... hopefully I set the battle up right, I've never done it for a Gen VI game.
    (did you know that 0.2 is just 1/5, so all your multipliers for the debt limits cancel out to much nicer numbers)
    pokemon go doesn't work on my phone because it doesn't have a gyroscope :'(
    I made the world's most half-assed watermelon Chikorita egg or something (???), I hope they approve it
    I was hoping to do something passable in paint just for the participation prize...
    are you going to enter the egg contest :O I want to enter just for the participation prize, but I don't actually know how to sprite... hahaha...
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