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  • Not sure what I did, so I'm going to go ahead and say I did nothing.

    Didn't you read my rant in the Grr Thread? XD
    I got in trouble, yeah. Which is why I haven't been Facebooking you or anything. I'll tell you when I'm ungrounded, but until then, I'm going to be pretty silent. Sorry.
    I'm only on mornings, because I can't be on after I finish school. I'm always online, though. I'm just away from the keyboard most of the time.
    HI, SORRY. Yeah, my birthday is soon! Six days, actually. I feel... young still, wah. I mean, I have to shave and I can drive and I'm taking high-school courses, I shouldn't be fourteen. >:-o

    What what.
    But it's not, man. It's not.


    And the very last sentence? Of some guy glaring at some other guy? I don't know.
    Well, maybe. It comes out five days after my birthday, so maaaybe not.


    I read the last sentence. Nope nope nope, don't want to find out how that happened.
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