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  • That's probably a skill I should pick up. I've learned what to and what not to say around here the hard way. :o You haven't offended me yet so I'd say you can't be that bad at replying. You seem to know what you're talking about.
    I'm actually going for a half-shiny team :D
    I already got that shiny Phantump I wanted after 400-500 or so eggs, and it has its hidden ability plus pretty dang good IVs. Its brown stump part is greyish white and its leaves are red *u*
    My current project is a shiny Furfrou for the team.

    If you're chain fishing for relicanth, it shouldn't matter if Clawitzers appear every now and then. Different species don't break the chain while fishing, unlike regular radar chaining. :P

    People are asking for ridiculous things for the rarer patterns on the GTS. I'm lucky to have one of the less common patterns (Icysnow, the white one) so in regular trades people are more likely to offer me better stuff. :B
    Huh? No, you're really not. If anyone's being awkward, it's probably me. Because I really suck at people. I'm fumbling with words half the time. You come off as pretty eloquent, actually.
    Yep :D
    I'm gonna get X too at some point, and I'll send my little bat there to be a part of the team. Trying to get a shiny Phantump for that team too, because dang it's lovely. :P

    Chain fishing's definitely worth a try. I got my super-pretty shiny Carvanha finally after getting those three shiny Goldeens.

    I saw a tiny adorable shiny Spewpa on the GTS yesterday but it was just for show since they asked for a Meowth in return and you can't get one anywhere yet. :C
    And now I want a shiny Scatterbug...
    I'm breeding for a Shiny Charmander right now, actually. I've hatched almost thirty eggs so far.

    My mom asked me that exact question the other day. No, I haven't; what are they about?
    Yeah! :D It's so adorable gdfgdgddgfdfm, but I'm not gonna train it in this game (planning to get a bigger SD card and X next month :P ).
    You had better luck with eggs, I guess :D Though I got two shinies today (2x female Goldeen) while trying to fish a Carvanha. Gonna keep fishin', since I really want one. :B

    Aw yeah Weavile is really cool (and my sister masuda'd a shiny one in HG or SS *u* )
    I could breed for you, if you'd like, as well as grind a bit: I don't have a whole lot to do in the game, and beating the Champ a few more times with a baby in the back slot won't hurt.
    It does sound like an interesting typing (and Diancie looks pretty neat) :P

    Oh man Joltik and Galvantula so adorable *u*
    I did try out some battles with only half of my team ready, and I managed to win a few!
    Apparently I'd hatched almost 800 eggs altogether (since when you're battling with someone over the internet it sometimes shows random info about you and your opponent) :D
    After that I went back to hatching eggs. Maybe I'll get that Noibat someday.

    There may be some third-party devices that do it, but idk.
    Freeze-Dry is Aurorus' signature move...

    Do you do breeding much? It's a great way to get unexpected moves. I bred a baby Larvitar that knew Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Flamethrower, iirc.
    Fire Blast is at the Anistar City PokéMart, and so is Flamethrower.

    Yes, the Move Tutor. Looks like there isn't one in X and Y, though.
    ...Huh, I could have sworn it could. It can't learn any Fire-Type moves, it looks like. That's dumb. :|

    Looks like it can learn Signal Beam.
    Doesn't the Bank come out in December? I think that's what it said.

    I'm surprised you remember any of the TMs you have. I can't name ten.
    Ooh, a Carbink! It's pretty cute, but I haven't used one so I don't know what it's like in battle :O

    I've been doing some EV training (gasp!) and so the Noibat project has been put on hold for a little while :P
    I've never been a very good battler but I thought it'd be cool to put together a semi-serious team and see if I can't beat some random passerbys with it :D
    The shiny 'Buzz is gonna be in the team (since I was planning on using one anyway) as well as a lovely shiny chain-fished Clauncher/Clawitzer I got from my sister (I gave her my shiny Skrelp in exchange) :3

    Yeah I don't know if there are any ways to backup saves from physical copies of the game. Iirc there were some kinda backup devices for DS games, but I haven't checked whether such things exist for the 3DS yet.
    Oh, that makes sense. Are you going with a specific team-strategy, or is it more of an individual Pokémon strategy?

    Flame Charge is in the Power Plant.
    It's a TM. He doesn't learn it by level-up.

    ...that's seven, and if you count the one you don't remember, eight.
    Huh. In any case, I'm sure someone will want stuff.

    And you should teach Luxray Flame Charge! It's a good move for it. What's your full team, anyway? I'm sure it must have changed by now.
    Pokémon, I assume. If you're a Pokémon blog.

    Mine has a pretty terrible weakness to Water; nothing is good against it except my Venusaur, which is weak to the omnipresent Ice Beam.
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