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    Me neither, but they're great for giveaways, especially if you have mainly Pokémony followers.

    And yeah, he does have a cape! I always saw it as coattails, actually. I named mine Kledbaer (it means gray in some archaic language I made, which is actually... in the trash now. It's still a cool name though!). It was meant to be temporary, until I got a Noibat, but I basically fell in love with it, so it's got a permanent place in my party now. Even though it actually hinders me, because I have a Blaziken and a Malamar, so he doesn't help with Type-Coverage. Oh well!
    Cool :P

    Still no sign of a shiny Noibat, but I got a random shiny Electabuzz from a friend safari and he's pretty <3

    At least one guy who got bad eggs in his PC boxes said that the eggs in his game might have something to do with his SD card, and not actually the games themselves. :O
    I should probably backup my own game at some point; I guess I can just copy the whole SD card to my computer since I have a digital copy. :P
    I'm fairly sure I remember you. You played the Buizel in the underwater RP, right? (Sorry about leaving in the middle of that, btw.)
    Its cool how easy it is to get new friends :P My sister managed to befriend someone who has Ditto in their Friend Safari, so she traded me one Imposter Ditto :D

    Is it about the Myster Zone eggs? From what I've read, they're more like a super rare glitchy thing than someone sending out hacked pokemon (I'm not sure if people even can hack pokemon in X/Y and still be able to trade them). Not sure though, since there isn't that much info about them.
    Giveaways are always fun. You do have a Tumblr, if memory serves. Right?

    Pangoro is awesome. It's part of my main team. And it's pretty hilarious when he uses Parting Shot. And he's wearing a tux. He's probably one of my favorites, actually.
    You should. I've not done it, but I'm doing it this Gen. I just need to catch a Jigglypuff so I can Cute Charm up some female Charmeleons. I need a specific nature.

    Is it Normal and Fire? That's pretty stupid, actually. And the male one looks like it's made of plastic. Luxray is so much cooler. I heard about Pyroar and thought, "Finally, another lion Pokémon!" and I got this. >:-/
    I have Dittos? I've become the most coveted park in the world. Protean Kecleon and Impostor Ditto-- bwahaha.

    I love Luxray aesthetically, tons more than Pyroar, but in battle... Eh.
    I accidentally challenged one person with just one Talonflame yesterday :'D
    I kind of mopped the floor with it since I picked my Heliolisk to go against it. It was all good though, since I'd traded with them before and after the battle I could add them as a friend (they had 'need friends' or something as their personal message) :P

    I ended up just wonder trading and dicking around yesterday and not filling my daily quota, but I've been pokemon-less today and now I only need like 600 words to reach today's target word count. :D I'm gonna try and keep up the pace from now on.
    Haha :D It would be kinda difficult to battle with just one Talonflame :P
    I'm also getting distracted ugh I really want to play Pokemon but I gotta write like a 1000 words to hit today's quota (because I didn't really have the time/energy to write more than like 400 words yesterday) D:
    I hate having to explain this, haha.

    I didn't bail on that battle! My Internet is crappy. Sorry.
    No worries! :P

    Haha, I think I'll save a boxful or so and just give them some nice berries to hold or something and then do a little wonder tradin' :D
    I added you already, and my sister's FC is 0748-2755-7722 (if you add her, just say and I'll tell her to add you too) C:
    I do indeedly. I must have leveled everyone up thirty times yesterday, I played for hours. We had a long car ride.

    Do you?
    If you'd like, I could also give you my older sisters' FC since she doesn't really go on forums but I'm pretty sure she'd like some more safaris too. Her safari is dragon with Fraxure, Noibat and a mysterious third one I don't know yet. :P

    Oooooh lucky you! Yeah, I'm masuda-ing and occasionally tipping the people at the Chateau but still no sign of a shiny. I lost count at some point but I'm fairly certain I've hatched over 10 boxfuls (I usually release them after I fill a few boxes). :O
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