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  • What's wrong with Tingle?

    Zelda does have humour! It's just rather... different from most forms of humour, as is the case with most Nintendo games. They have a rather silly sense of humour, but The Legend of Zelda is certainly not an entirely serious franchise!

    I am wandering around
    What was? I'm confused. Whatever it is, I swear I didn't do it. I mean, maybe if I was drunk I might have done it, but I'm like... 97% sure I didn't.
    Howdy. I've been meaning to message you; you're certainly an interesting character, all right.

    I haven't played Majora's Mask! I have only played a few Zeldas, actually, if only because of my utter lack of necessary consoles; I really liked the concept of Majora, though (I have read up, even if I haven't played them all), hence my username. I have played ALBW! I am not very far, because I am juggling a lot of games at the moment, but so far it is very fun! Have you played it?

    Okami might be better than Zelda, since Zelda's stories are formed on an individual basis, and a continual plot isn't even possible. The suggested timeline barely makes sense; the developers have even admitted to not really giving a crap about fluid franchise-wide story!

    Have you played A Link Between Worlds?
    You seem incredibly cool and I just wanted to let you know as much.

    Seriously though, I know you've already made a few posts, but welcome.
    Yes, that's what mafia is. Although here, 'normal' mafia or werewolf games are nonstandard. Rather, the games that usually pop up here have rather complex rules and roles for everyone instead of just a simple mafia and innocents. It adds a lot of depth to a game that just wouldn't work otherwise (because on a forum, as opposed to in real life or an IM, players have all the time they need to compose a perfectly real-sounding post, and it's difficult to count players suspicious because of their response time, visual cues or wording.
    Haha, yes, it's about time we mourn the death of the old me. :p Thank you!
    'otherkin' is a blanket term covering all people who identify as non-human

    a lot of them are very annoying but I am fortunately a genius
    I like you.

    ...for the predominant reason that you're perhaps the most assertive new user we've had in the past five or six years that I've been here. While a lot of the people here are pretty good at debating, few of them really enjoy debating for its own sake, which is really something that people should do in order to gain for themselves a broader and therefore more objective viewpoint of the world around them.

    Please stay, is what I'm trying to communicate, kind of. Don't be one of those new users who joins one day and leaves two days later. You definitely have the ability to integrate very nicely into this community.

    Also, you should try out Mafia the next time a new game happens. It's a very fun game, in my opinion moreso online in this setting (where roles and formats are very unique) than anywhere else.
    Thank you, and I actually can't retake them. I have no room to breathe when it comes to credits, I am fortunate to get exactly as many as I need by the end of the year next year. If I fail a class my entire schedule falls apart. And I know of Khanacademy, but I don't like it very much. I feel like the explanation isn't as in-depth as I'd like, nor do I get as much of a chance to practice to show that I actually absorbed what I was taught.
    No, I mean, that's not what I got from it. Though I have a problem with taking things literally???

    ... But, then, I guess that meant it worked. :X
    I don't really see that anywhere in your post, but okay?

    Well, he did post it on an open forum, so I felt like responding would've been necessary. Since that sounded like actual, sincere advice to me? Though yes, I would - and most people, I assume - listen to people we know more than total strangers.

    And mhmmm!
    "Make it clear to her that she set the boundaries on your relationship. Throw the "Just Friends" back at her, because from what you're saying she regards you as 'plan B'. Plus it might make her think twice before she uses that on someone else.

    That's looking at what you've said objectively, though. If you actually want to go out with her you should do the opposite. While I'm not sure she'd be good for you at all, I don't know the girl or your relationship with her."

    We can't really know the girl from just one post, that's true!

    But ... weaponizing "just friends" really does not help the situation at all. It just makes the girl feel like shit, generally, since she probably regards what they were doing as just being friends. If you are interested in a girl, why do you want to make her feel like shit??? If you want to make her think twice, do you want to pressure her into a relationship she doesn't want??? I'm assuming not, because that is gross and leads to an unhealthy relationship that she'll probably just want to get out of as soon as possible.

    I'm finding it disturbing that your two situations/responses given are: get angry at her, make her feel like shit and probably ruin the chances of a happy/healthy friendship; or continue pursuing her in a romantic relationship. :( What if she /really/ just wants to be friends? That is what people do. Not want to be in a romantic relationship with someone, but still enjoy their company.

    Just being friends doesn't have to be this cold, awful state of not being a person's romantic partner. :(

    It's wonderful how much you're posting and getting involved with the forum and everything! We love people who post a lot! One thing, though. You should probably make an effort to check the date of some posts, because after a month or two those things tend to often be less relevant now, you know? Like in ultraviolet's thread, or Phantom's (if you check the Grr Thread you'll see recently she found out the truth about what was happening). So I just wanted to give you a heads up about that. Your activity is much appreciated, otherwise :)
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