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  • I noticed your post in the grr thread and I wanted to say while I can't speak for everyone, I definitely don't dislike you. I've disagreed with a few things you've said in the past, yeah, but that's totally different from disliking someone. And most people here don't seem hold grudges here, either. You should be fine!

    But! I'm super sorry to hear that you're feeling left out, though! I'm definitely open if you'd like someone to chat with here.
    Jag anständigt. Lycklig mer än någonsin. Hur mår du min vän?

    Excuse my horrid translations.
    i am nice when i want to be, but on the internet i am nice as can be. minus facebook and the like.
    just remeber: those people you know in middle/high school may not be the same ones youll know later on. be friends, you never know.

    i dont know how im saying this, i have been alone for 3 years now. /forever alone/
    i am sorry love isn't working. but, never give up on it. hang strong, keep your head high, and enjoy all that you can. life is more then love, it is the friends you make and keep along the way.

    Hello person viewing this, I feel like using this post as a means of intro to my profile since I hardly ever use visitor messages. Welcome. Enjoy some stale popcorn.
    Hey, you're posting on your own profile. I can't see what you're saying. You have to post on mine.
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