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  • Oh nah, I'm pretty lazy myself. I just procrastinated nearly the entire summer away, avoiding doing an essay.

    Why thank you! My colours give a splash of life to my drawings? How sweet. :3 I use Crayola coloured pencils~
    Hiya, Spoonie! Aw, it's no problem, we all get lazy sometimes. XD

    I'm glad you enjoy my art though, that makes me happy to know that people enjoy it~
    Aw, you used it? I'm flattered :D
    Blah, I know I haven't been around much the last couple of days; I've been busy because it's everyone's 18th birthday for some reason, which involves lots of going out and doing social things. And I've been kinda working, here and there.

    You need to post your pictures in your art thread~
    It's still really cool, I've never known anyone with the same birthday as me! Hehe, now I'll be able to remember when your birthday is. :3
    Aww, I'm glad you like them~ I spent ages looking for icons under "cougar" but couldn't find any at all... but then found loads under "puma" and "mountain lion". I had to pick the animal with a bazillion names X3
    Oh, thank you, but you should be thanking Dannichu for it. I ask for her assistance in awesome avatars, and recieved five adorable cougars :D
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