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  • I'm gonna being the laptop with me, and all the rooms there have internet connections (hopefully I'll get a room - I'm a moron and am applying late for accommodation DX), so I'll have the internet; I just won't be able to bring a scanner with me, so I don't know how I'll update my art thread. The digital camera's pretty broken right now, too. I'm sure I'll think of something :D

    The idea of leaving home is mildly terrifying (I'm gonna have to do crazy things like cook and clean O.o), but I'm looking forward ot meeting new people and the modules on the course I'm taking look excellent.

    The Yotsuba&! music is so cute~ It's mostly instruments like recorders and triangles and cute things like that, and they all have really brilliant titles, like "Eating curry - very delicious" X3

    Eee~ My Yotsuba pictures are good for something~ I should draw Yotsuba more; I think I've only drawn her once since I restarted my art thread, and that was because you requested it. Hmm.
    Ha, I remember having the Yostuba&! panels in my sig; woah, that was ages ago. My sig is terribly boring at the moment - I plan on bringing back my Icons of the Now as soon as I'm gonna be able to change them every day. I'm gonna be away till Friday this week, so it'll probably be later rather than sooner.

    You actually got me into Yotsuba, from all of your drawings, and the manga pages you had in your signature <3 I was finally convinced to get Yotsuba once I read the fourth volume from my friend at camp, who happened to be a fan of it <3

    My visitor messages are stupidly long x.x
    I'm so sorry about not including the accent. I really don't know how you can make it have one... (I don't even give Pokemon an accent.)

    Ahh, okay, I'll do just that. :3

    Yes, it's hilarious~ There's this website where they have all the episodes~ I go to it all the time. :D
    Atnura, Spoonie, Atnura. It's spelled with a "u"~

    Just have her jumping through the air or something.

    Oh and what pose do you want Tobe in?

    Ahahaha, my usertitle~ I got it from a show called "The Office." It's quite a funny story, actually. The boss of The Office is really racially stupid and stereotypes black people. So he works with this one black guy (and thinks that he's from "da hood"), who messes with him and teaches him these fake "ghetto phrases." XD He taught him "Pippety poppety, give me the zoppety." And the boss believes him, of course and tries to say it to be more "gangsta."
    Don't worry about it; I'm just getting rid of some stuff to sort out what I actually need, I'm not gonna be leaving for another few weeks (the 21st, I think). But yeah, it's making some stuff hard to find. X3

    That site's actually pretty good as far as ads go; you can download volumes as .zip files and read them without any ads or anything, but I don't particularly like reading scans either. Nothing beats books.

    I found Yotsuba&! shortly after completely falling in love with Azumanga Daioh, which is by the same author. It has a 26-episode anime and the manga's 4 volumes long and it's absolutely brilliant. Can't quite remember how I got into Azumanga, but I'm very glad I did <3
    Not a problem, I'll go look right now. ;;Goes to look, leaves you a comment;; :D

    Question: What colour do you want everything to be on Tobe?
    Yeah, I mean. There's that cheesecake person, then I think Zim Del Invasor said he lived in Illinois, and then there's Verne who apparently only lives like half an hour away from me. So yeah, shockingly.

    Meh. Same state, so it counts, right?
    Oh, thank youuu~ ^^

    Heh, having that section back would make things a hella lot easier, well maybe not easier, but it was nice to know what people's favorites were. As well as the alternative avatars. I miss them. :<
    I'll update my thread when I can; I'm clearing out my room at the moment and getting rid of a ton of stuff, so everything's in bags and boxes, so I have no idea where all my drawing equipment is X3

    As far as I know, 5 volumes of Yotuba&! have been translated and published in English. There are more (the series is still ongoing as far as I know), and you can read the translated scans online. Uh, here. You can also download the soundtracks from there (it doesn't have an anime but has three soundtracks it makes no sense), which are so happy and cute~
    And I could spend hours on the Dress Up Yotsuba thing X3

    Oh yes~ I need to get me an encyclopedia like that!

    I hope you enjoy my method. ^^

    I'll do Tobe for you~ Now, I'd like you to draw... hmm... Atnura the Mightyena. She's a character of mine, with reaaally curly black fur.
    That's the same case with me in laziness. XD Oh yes, canines are nice! I love dogs especially, that's why I really like the Growlithe line.

    Whoo~ Somebody's trying the Arylett Method~

    Art trade? Why, Spoonie, that sounds delightful~ (It's all right, fellow lazy people unite!)
    XD That is pretty lazy~ Favourites, hmm... Some of mine are Poochyena/Mightyena, Growlithe, Electrike, Dragonair, Grovyle, and Flygon~ Yes, I do like canines~

    Ah. The key to pressing hard is to not sharpen the pencil too much. If you do, it will break. I always keep my pencils a bit blunt, unless I'm doing something like colouring around the lines.

    It is a really awesome book~ Too bad I have to write a report on it though. D: ;;Is still lazy;;
    Trust me, no one can beat me at a lazy contest. ;D Most people I know say I'm AGONIZINGLY lazy.

    Do you want to know the secret of all my colours? I just press really hard, harder than most people. It's not really the type of coloured pencils so much as the pressure you apply. That's what I think, anyway.

    Hmm... well, I was reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Have you ever heard of it? It's really good.
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