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  • I finished it yesterday, Spoonie~ Yay! ;;Does the "Arylett Actually Got Something Accomplished" Dance;;

    It is. XD Funnety, fun quote.

    Arylett X Zombie Pikachu? Ooh, hell yes. Put ol' Zombie in a tuxedo with a little bowtie and um... I'll wear a wedding dress. X3 Um... I can't really think of a name either for this whacked out shipping. XD

    Ooh, I should try this crackshipping game one day~

    Aww~ <3 I seem like a doggy! ;;Loves dogs to bits;;

    Oh yes, there's the issue of that. X3 Well, if you ever wrote it... I could try to help! After all, I do like to come up with some dramatic plots. I love me some good drama. :D
    Aww, you make me feel so loved <3

    My scanner's broken now anyways, so it doesn't seem to matter too much ^^ But I've discovered that my camera's pretty decent at taking pictures of drawings, so it's not the end of the world.

    I am so, so flattered you like my drawings so much. *loves you*

    Blimey, the Ice-type Ninetales was a while back... I just had a look and I don't have it saved on the computer, so I'll have a look through ye olde sketchpads tonight to see if I have it, and if not I'll draw it again - because if it's too old to be saved on the computer, it's probably embarrassingly bad anyways X3

    I like stuff to be clean, but I don't keep things at all tidy. Like, I'll have stuff all over my floor and books piled up three feet on my desk, but I don't like things being dirty or dusty. Especially dirty kitchens DX

    I have no idea what banana bread is (well, I have an idea, but I've never seen or had any), but it sounds amazing. I've become absolutely addicted to banana chips (dried banana slices) recently which is great because if I'm going to eat something constantly, at least it's healthy.

    I've never had to live with someone else, but I don't think I'd like it much. I like being around people and having someone to talk to, but I like having my own privacy and alone-time when I need it. And I very much pity any person who has to live with me because that would get very annoying very fast. X3

    I had an awesome trip, but the way; I went to a ton of places I'd never been to before and bought a ton of books and CDs - the Original Cast Recordings of The Lion King, Hairspray and Joseph and copies of Running with Scissors by someone whose name reminds me of Anthony Burgess but I know it's not, Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland, Before I Die by Jenny Downham and I finally got my own copy of Son of a Witch~ And I got them all from charity shops, so they were all wonderfully cheap :D

    X3 Add that to this homework that I still haven't done~

    It'll be equally amusing. XD

    Oh yeah, a breeze for Pidgeotto~ Lucky bird. >> If I were a Pidgeotto, I'm sure living here would be much easier. XD And I have heard that the hurricanes are much worse over at the beaches, so I guess I am lucky~

    In Final Fantasy VIII, the main character's name is Squall. I find that to be an immensely funny coincidence because my avatar is of the main heroine, Rinoa, who is Squall's lover. XD ;;Still an FF Dork;;

    Hmm... Well, I fancy myself a dog, because they're all blindly loyal and that stuff. But somebody once said I reminded them of a cat somehow too... I don't know, I could just think I'm most like a dog because they're my favourite animals. X3

    Ooh, you should, you should. It would be so much awesomenocity that I would explode. :DDD
    Aww, I still haven't started. >< ;;Procrastinating;;

    That would be an AWESOME usertitle. XD By all means, use it.

    Well, the beach is sort of far-ish, so yeah. We have to drive an hour or two to get there, so we don't go often. But I have watched fireworks on it, for the Forth of July, and it was pretty cool~ :3

    Squall? ;;Immediately thinks FFVIII;; XD I'm such a Final Fantasy dork.

    Random question, now. What animal do you see yourself as? ;;Yes, I know, TOTALLY RANDOM;;

    Ooh, you made a manga about Grovyle? ;;Wants to read it;; :DDD
    Sometimes though, I just can't help myself... ;;Has a folder with doodles all over it;; It's like, I have this urge to draw on all empty surfaces. XD

    Oh, I suppose it can. But it's really, really, really, really, really unlikely. I'll probably never see any in my lifetime if I continue to live here.

    Amusing trees? Aw, I wish my trees were amusing, then I could be entertained by plantlife~

    My mom probably'd be all like: "What are you doing outside?" and so forth. And she'd think I was a weirdo if I told her I was watching the sunset. X3

    My partner was a Torchic, who I named after my afforementioned best friend. :3

    Oh god, I was bawling after what happened to Grovyle. Nooo, Grovyle. D:
    I also don't really like to draw on my school stuff, because I like to keep my notebooks nice and neat and clean. It's an obsessive thing.

    Silly Spoonie, don't you know that snow is absolutely impossible here? It can never snow. But rain is pretty and soothing, I'd say, at least.

    Ooh, so you guys have big trees? Wow. I can walk outside and watch one if I'd like, but of course, I'm too lazy. X3

    Treecko is awesome. <3 (Because of Grovyle, oh, I loved him. He is my favourite character in Pokémon of them all~) I got Mudkip, tahaha. I always get Mudkip for some reason. (Though I did get Turtwig a few times) Got it in the first PMD game too.

    Ahaha, yes, darn me modifying my keyboard's settings~
    Hmm, I see. I don't like to draw on my notebooks, I'm very self-conscious and somehow think that the teachers will scrutinize my drawings heavily.

    Oh, so that's why. Nope, nothing like a snow day. We get days off for as long as the hurricane lasts.

    They may be pretty, but our beaches don't look THAT perfect or clean. X3 There's trash strewn about the sand and that would sort of ruin the sunset, wouldn't it? (Oh, by the way, random off-topic question: What starter did you get for PMD2?)

    Suewær! Æolus! Foiled you once more~
    ;;Is currently procrastinating again;; STILL not doing anything productive, ahaha.

    Stupid weak hurricane. ;;Kicks;; We only missed one day though, so we don't have much to make up.

    Yeah... It is difficult. But I can deal with a few hurricanes and crappy weather. It's not too amazing when it's calm here either though, because it's always sizzlingly hot.

    Pokémon! Tobé! Ahaha, ridiculous accent~ (Foiled you again, muhehehehe. >D)
    I have the sneaking feeling I should be posting in most of the art threads, but, uh, I don't. x3;

    Well, it's fun to say... spooooooonish. I'm easily amused, don't mind me.

    Vivian...? Vivian. Vivian~ I rather like that :D I'm not that great at coming up with names, so I might just use that. Vivian~
    Well, it comes off as having a lot of thought in it. x3 The more realistic stuff especially. S'pretty~
    <3 Thank you~ This's from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, yeah. I made an album thingy! with most of my avatars + what they're from

    If you're still up for it, that sounds like an awesome idea. I got bored of posting avatars and then I was scanner-less for awhile and then I lost my sketchbooks but I got new ones so! I'm probably going to continue updating it occasionally.
    Ahaha, I never do anything productive. (I could've used today, my day off, to do some homework I was given, but instead I slept in until 4 PM. X3) Oh, that doesn't happen often. It was a one time thing, which is good~

    I think they say the hurricane has passed over us. Dammit, now I have to go to school tommorow. D< (It was just a lot of rain, basically and wind, but nothing earth-shattering. Electricity was still on.)

    I wish I lived somewhere else all the time, Spoonie, all the time. But eh, I've got my best friend in the entire world living here, so... I wouldn't leave if I could. This coastal area sucks terribly still though.

    EDIT: I FINALLY figured out how to give stuff accents. Ahaha. Tobé. :3 Now you can't blame meeee~
    It's not a good a name as the Catapulting Teacups one x3 And Spoonish is an amusing word in its own right.

    I'm glad you like the pirate Ampharos~ It's sort of a little doodle-y something I can draw when I'm all out of ideas, which is often. I should give her a name, though. And I wasn't aware I had a type of humour, yay~
    I love how all your pictures look like they've had loads of thought put into them, it makes the detail look even better. And if you don't mind incoherent babbling, then I'll just have to stop by and ramble. x3
    Hullo Spoon~

    Wow, that trainer sprite was ages ago. o.o Or was it? I have no idea, my concept of time is terrible.

    I've been lurking your art thread... *guilty* I should really post, but my comments are usually incoherent rambles that are of no use to the artist, so I haven't. They are really very good~ The Pikachu you posted last is adorable and in need of a hug, by the looks of things. x3
    It was torture, especially since I live in one of the hottest places in the United States. D: The water came back soon, we got my grandpa to fix the pipes. Until then, we just went over to his house to take showers, because he still had running water.

    Ooh, it sounds pretty indeed~

    We have thunderstorms along with hurricanes all the time. The climate here? Sucks. Not only is it extremely hot, but we get can hit by storms that can destroy houses (hurricanes of course) and lots of regular thunderstorms as well. The power goes out regularly, actually, I'm used to it.
    Ooh, that sounds cool~ They should do that for my school. :D

    Hurricanes take out electricity as well. We were once a week without it. It was SO hot, I was dying without my air conditioner on. And it also screwed up our plumbing, so no water for us. D:

    Heat lightning? Hmm... I don't know. I think hurricanes are more just wind and rain, there isn't much lightning around. And whoa, you guys must have pretty bad rainstorms if even a hurricane doesn't rival them. o.O
    You're welcome. ^^

    Oh, we had an event like that too. And I tried to get it changed then, but by the time I got there they shut off all the computers. D:

    So icestorms don't destroy houses or anything, do they? They don't sound too bad, minus the not being able to drive on the roads.

    Oh geez, hurricanes are nasty. They last for hours and can really cause damage. It's like, a lot of wind, basically. A LOT A LOT of wind. Very powerful, powerful enough to uproot trees and roofs and houses. And lots of rain and thunder every now and then. They're nightmares. They rate them based on categories. Category 1 is the lowest and not that big a deal (just a bit of wind and lots of rain), but Category 5 are the insane, tree uprooting ones. I once watched a Category 3 hurricane from my window. I'll never forget the sight.
    Whoo~ I'm sure it'll be awesome. :3

    ;;Is the worse procrastinator you've ever seen;; Last night, I stayed up until like 4 AM doing a report that I procrastinated on. XD

    Oh, it was sort of stressful. They screwed up my schedule and I spent the whole day worrying about it. Finally got it fixed though, so I'm happy about that. Mostly I was drop-dead tired, because of the aforementioned late night procrastinating. X3

    Icestorms? What are those like? I'm a bit worried about this hurricane though, they say it's going to hit us directly.
    Coloured pencils~

    And I'll get started on Tobe soon, I promise~ School's just started (today was the first day) and well, it's going to be a bit rough. I'm in really hard classes.

    Good thing they cancelled it yesterday though, ahahaha, I know I'm bad for saying this, but thank you hurricane that they think is going to hit us! (It's not really a big deal anyway, it's just a small category one. Those are wimpy.)
    Zombie Pikachu. XD Dear god, that's just as bad as that zombie Wailord that I once inspired Dannichu to draw. You're welcome, now I'm smiling with a stupid grin from thinking about it. X3

    What is it with me and zombie Pokemon? XD
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