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  • I was going to say I saw you like Twilight Sparkle so I came to sparkle and -- I don't even know, but mostly I'm here to say hi.


    oh man that person's art is super-awesome o: I wish I had that talent!

    Thanks for thinking of me, hahaha!

    I love her to bits. She's fantastic and fast and light and sort of looks like a fish (I'll show you a picture sometime). Which put me off a bit, but I've named her Gail and now even her fishiness has grown on me.

    Also! She has Skype, and I think I managed to add you earlier? I'm having great fun learning how to work my way around Windows 7.

    The Holmes/Watson = House/Wilson was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me. I can't remember how or why, but it made me go "OOOOOH I GET IT NOW" in a room full of people. Good times. There are lots of references if you look for them; at one point in, I think series 4, Wilson tells the Ducklings about "Irene Adler, the woman House could never figure out" or something, and I died laughing.

    Our version of the House intro is pretty straightforward. It basically involves chanting the actor's names in tune with the music. "Created by David Shooooooore" at the end is always a bit rushed, though XD

    I did sound like Alex. I'll tell him and he'll be thrilled. :D
    Haha. thanks for bothering to do so. I'm actually feeling loads better now, having gonecamping for a day in the pouring rain. I'll update those various places asap. c:
    thankyou! c:

    I remember you posting in my introduction thread that you liked my username, I think. But yeah it was at least two years ago now, quite a long time ago!
    I'm not quite sure when you joined - I got the impression that you'd been her a fair bit longer than me.
    Haha, it's fine. I've been away and hadpeople over (Grabby had some friends over tonight and, oh, the fun we had), so I've been keeping mself amused pretty well :D

    Glad you're having fun with OoT; I have it somewhere on the GC, but have never playde it properly. I should. I haven't realy played a Zleda game properly apart from WW which I haven't even finished. I'm a bad nintento fan. I don't remember much of Twilight Princess excepy there was a horse.

    House is great fun, isn't it? House and Wilson are fantastic <3 You know how they're based on? Holmes and Watson. You know who are also fantastic and shippable? Holmes and Watson :DDD
    But the show as a whole is great fun, if a bit samey. Marie likes watching it and using her mad medical skillz to guess what illnesses theyll have. I keep wanting to make Jennifer Morrison eat a sandwich. Have I told you about me and Grabbys version of the opening? It's pretty great. Only rather difficult to communicate over the tinernet. I will have to think on this.
    I also greatly approve of half the cast beinbg left-handed.

    (I do not think this messae will be as coherent in the morning as it is to me right now)
    Glinda would approve :D
    (see, I haven't left my old fandoms, though! :p)

    Maaaan, I wish you got the BBC because I want to geek with you about it so much ):
    But it's okay, because we'll always have TWW <3
    I'm leaving for Bedford in about half an hour, and won't be back till Tuesday, so enjoy it without me!
    Haha, yes, I needed the reminder. I've been a good girl and and am now, I think, up to date on all my correspondences :D
    It's a good feeling.
    Will do! Sometime in the near future. Maybe I'll do it tonight and mosey down to the library tomorrow to do some scanning? I've drawn quite a bit recently. I'm so in love with my markers.

    Apologies for not getting back to your PM yet - I was going to last night, but felt ill beyond all measure and couldn't focus on any one thing for too long. I sort of don't feel any better today (hence me being up at 6am), but I'm dosing myself up on every kind of medication going because I'm looking after small children for seven hours today. Joy. -.-

    You West Winging tonight? Did I miss any last night? I'll talk to you later :)
    Social networking stuff is pretty cool; I'm just not interesting or witty enough to really bother with that sort of thing. (My updates would be boring like, 'I just had some wonderful grape juice and toast. They're the best combo in the history of food, save for blah blah blah...', 'I'm at a computer, typing this sentence. Isn't the internet great?', or 'I'm off to become a Pokémon master. Expect me back in a week. :D') I should get one, just because they're good to keep in touch with people.

    It's cool. I think everyone wanes in and out of forums/oekakis/social networks. (I kind of lose interest in/avoid TCoD and other places when there's excessive drama.) You at least have the excuse of mounds of homework; my school usually gives out less than an hour's worth (minus projects and when my math teacher feels particularly evil.)

    Yeah, I've been going to the nerdy camp for five years, which is about the same amount of time I've been a member of TCoD. (Ironically enough, I'm friends with someone from the camp, who I found out used to go to TCoD on the old forums. I didn't recongize the username she mentioned, but it was still pretty awesome.) You're not alone in not liking driving; it's just...ugh. >: You should still practice, though. Try driving to places you want to go to; it's great motiviation. (In my state, after you turn eighteen you can take the test regardless if you have your fifty hours or not.)

    That's pretty darn cool. What kind of things did you do in England? It'd be fun to meet up with some of the TCoDers, but I don't think any members that I know well enough live close. (My parents would be leery about me meeting up with someone off the internet, too.) Aww, you have oversummer work? Hope you finish it in time.
    Yeah, it's been awhile. I was wondering if poofed off the internet or something, because your deviantart didn't have much activity either. >: It's lame that you get overloaded with schoolwork, but at least you're good at finishing it. It's always cool to have a birthday buddy, since you can do awesome stuff, like exchange birthday art and other awesome things. (I still need to start on your Raikou, by the way.)

    My summer's consisted of going to a camp that focuses on awesome nerdy stuff like science and animals for two weeks. I'm going to test for my driver's liscense tomorrow, which I'm a bit nervous about. Next week, my family's going to the Harry Potter theme park. Other than those things, it's been quite uneventful.
    What have you been up to as of late?

    Hehe, "fix of liberalness", I love it! I don't have that problem; every person I know at uni is sickeningly liberal (I suppose that comes with studying sociology and hanging around with the Amnesty and Socialist groups), and, because of the UK election recently, when I was at home, we kept getting flyers through the post telling us to "Vote Conservative!" and my parents basically said "WHAT IS THIS FILTH???" and then shredded and burnt the flyers. Good times XD

    I hope Critta is your friend's real name. That's fantastic.

    OOOH, Tales of Vesperia, right? I'm glad you're enjoying it... I want to play it, but I don't have an XBox 360 - if I get a job over the sumer and somehow make mountains of money, I might get one, but until then, I'll have to make do with my DS. Which I'm actually okay with, because SoulSilver and Ace Attorney Investigations are fantastic <3
    \o/ Did you also see the picture of me in a squid hat?

    But haaaa~! Seriously though you could totally be like HEY HEY HEY DRAW THIS at me. And that would be fine. In fact I would go \o/
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