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  • Apparently I have forgotten how to draw. (It was supposed to be Phoenix Wright. As in ... ho-oh.) /)_(\ As I forgot how to draw, go find something on my thread and be like GO FINISH LINEARTING OR COLOURING THIS D< and I will ... probably do it.

    Happy birthday, anyway. :(
    Haha, it’s fine, it’s just that FB is a little easier for correspondence for me because (and I don’t know if this is a me-thing or an everyone-thing) TcoD keeps not working. Coupled with my Devon internet not working half the time and I almost have an excuse for not responding for weeks on end! :D

    Waiiiiit, you’re taking university-level courses? God, I keep forgetting how freakishly intelligent you are. No, you’re not allowed to say anything against that.
    While I thought the theoretical stuff in chem was bad enough, the labwork was what really did my head in. Stupid experiments. One time I accidentally spilled methanol or ethanol or something-ol over and accidentally set the entire workbench on fire. Mercifully it burnt right out and my (very scary) teacher was out of the room at the time. Uh, I hope your labwork goes better than mine. XD

    Felt cat? As in a cat out of felt? That’s very impressive. I can imagine a Raikou, with all the stripes and pointy-bits and stuff that it’ll be a bit harder though, but I definitely want pictures when it’s done. I can’t wait for you new art thread~ :D
    I really have no excuse for not drawing lots lately. I’ve been doing not-a-lot all day every day and I even bought myself a shiny new sketchpad in the post-Christmas sales. Shame, self )<

    India ink sounds like fun. I’m imagining the stuf you draw with it to look a little like scenes from Ookami, is that even close?

    Also (because your TcoD avvie reminded me), a couple of months ago, I actually got around to watching Kiki’s Delivery Service and really enjoyed it, but thanks to your avvie, I thought the cat was you the entire time, which made the whole thing weird to the point of feeling a bit like a surreal dream.
    Didn't I reply to your FB message? I'd check, but FB's being allscrewy at the moment. Sorry if I didn't.

    Organic chemistry sounds fairly difficult; that's basically carbon chemistry, right? I remember doing a whole lot of carbon-related chemistry at AS-level and hated it. Have you ever taken a week or two off school because of holiday/illness/something and then come back, sat in class and had absolutely no idea what's going on, but everyone else does? That's what ever single AS-level chemistry lesson felt like to me. Best of luck with it, anyways :)

    Felting sounds like fun; I've never done it, but Grabby has a couple of felt things she's made. And a friend of my mum's made me a fairly awesome felt scarf that I wear sometimes. I should wear it more, especially since it's freezing out. It snowed so much (by our standards) the other day we made a snowcat :D

    I'm useless with pastels and actually have no idea what India ink is. I want to see whatever it is you do with them, though~

    I keep meaning to do more drawing/writing, but I got the DVD boxset of The West Wing for Christmas and it keep distracting me. Actually, Grabby's dragging me away to watch it right now, so I'm gonna have to go. Hope everything's good with you :3
    Hee! Mhals on TCoD! It's Christmas come late! <3 :D

    I know, I'm a terrible failure as an artist because I haven't drawn stuff in ages D: And when I have they're stupid little chibi-ish doodles that aren't really any good. Which is a shame because I think I was getting better at drawing before I stopped for a reason I'm still trying to figure out. But my new year's resolution is to draw more (and to write more - I'm determined to get back into ficcing), and so far I'm sort-of keeping up with it; I did a whole bunch more stupid doodles the other night, wrote Sarah two very short but completely mad fanfics a couple of days ago, and have a (for me) masive Buffy fic planned out. We'll have to see how it goes.

    You been drawing/writing much? I absolutely love the pictures you've posted on FB, but is that all you've done?
    Arh it was your birthday?
    Happy Birthday!

    Man i'm failing at on-time happy birthdays ><;;
    Sure but you'd have to call me by my real name if you ever want to message me.
    "Dannichu Rundle has been tagged in these photos!"
    Me: "MHALS? 8D *clicky*"
    You: *holding chocolate in photos*
    Me: "I'm jealous. :<"

    Yep, facebook magic. :3
    MHALS YOU'RE ALIVE! :3!!!!!

    I envy you, getting chocolate from Dannichu you know. >:/
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