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  • You definetly need to make all your friends sign up~
    I'm lucky; most of the people I know from Tokonatsu are signed up on there, so I have lots of PS friends. And yeeeah, 40,000 is about right. I think she's level 26 or something? Crazy stuff.
    Uuh, I visit everyone on my friends list who has PS every day (there's nearly 30 of them now)... and that's about it. I don't run races much because I suck at them, but visiting people repeatedly gives good points.
    I have a friend who has over 4000 points o.o

    And yaaaay at Alex joining~ I've been trying to get Sarah to join for a while, becuse even if they don't play, it's on extra person to visit every day XD
    Visit people lots! And run races (which I am monumentally crap at; I blame my judderingly slow computer) and, uh, that's about it X3
    Glad you're enjoying it, though~

    Also; major apologies about not replying like I promised; I got seriously distracted by a Law & Order/Titanic crossover o.o
    Ooh, Pet Society is one of the games you can play on facebook; you create a pet and look after it and race it against other pets and stuff; it's kinda like Neopets only way more fun. Mine looks kinda like a tiger and is called Basingstoke :3
    You should definetly join, too; I'm sure somewhere on my FB profile it says "Basingstoke gained a level in Pet Society!" and then you click the link. It's an excellent way to waste your life XD

    Delayed reactions are hilarious. We were watching House last night, and it takes Al ages to get most of House's insults (sometimes he gets me to explain them and then finds them even more funny) and aaah it's good.
    Not that it doesn't take me a while to get things sometimes, mind. o.o


    ...that doesn't work as an extened-vowel thing. Let me do that again.

    Twenty fouuuuuuuuur~

    Better. Anyways; huzzah for your parents! God, I wish I could watch it (it's the start of Season 7, which has been delayed for a whole year because of the Writer's Strike), but we don't have the channel it's on over here. I might try and hunt it down, but if there's any TV show you don't want to watch for the first time being all blurry and crap-quality, it's 24. So I might have to wait till the DVDs come out, which probably won't be till next Christmas, but yeah. I don't think I could stand having to wait from one week to the next to resolve the cliffhanger endings all the episodes have, anyway. My poor heart cannae take it!
    (you should totally watch it with your parents, though. It's goooood)
    I certainly am~
    I pretty much only use facebook to stay in touch with a few people, annoy Grabby and play on Pet Society, which I am unhealthily addicted to, but it's all good :D

    Ack; I do need aim. I'll look into it (though there's no point in installing it on this computer (the desktop) because I'll be leaving it in a week). Even if I do get it, I warn you that I'll be terribly lazy about going on it. I only go on MSN about twice a month.

    Alex's randomness and incoherency are his trademarks - though not as much as not getting a joke until about fifteen seconds after everyone else and then laughing his head off about it. Seriously, it's hilarious X3

    Yaaay I really hope you stay on here because people who aren't me need regular access to Mhalsness (no I don't know what I'm talking about).

    Also! I finally scanned that Raikou :) Kinda scribbly and refrenceless and anatomically incorrect but hey~
    Hurr; now you're back (and stay back, dammit) I have two places where I can bug you :)
    Oh, my dearest, darlingest Mhalsy~

    Oh God, where have you been? I'm going to shut up complaining now and will revel in the fact you're back. Feel free to PM away with anything and everything; I miss our daily PMs so much~
    Yes, you should come on more, and do more work so you can do your homework more quickly! Do it! :o

    I nearly met Dannichu, except I forgot to tell her I was in Devon.
    But you have to meet new people and learn all kinds of sciencey thingas and move in and get used to being away from home and stuff, so it's okay.

    Congratulations on getting in again~

    I'm due to start uni on what I think is the 21st September. Scary thought. o.o
    I look forward to your letter~
    Eek, no you shouldn't watch it out of order, season 4 least of all~

    I'll have to get back to you on the whole watching-online thing, though. I've been watching DVDs... oh wait. Here. I am that good, apparently.

    Enjoy :D
    Nothing much, terribly. I've been in Somerset since... Uh...
    Sunday? I think? xD
    Long story: I was feeling very unimaginative while trying to think up something for my usertitle and Grabby was watching Friends in the same room. It was one of the Thanksgiving episodes (I believe the episode title is "The One Where the Underdog Gets Away") and Phoebe suggests that Ross should put his head inside the turkey so he'll know what being an unborn baby feels like, so Chandler says "I'd just like to say I'm totally behind this experiment. In fact, I'd very much like to butter your head.".

    And a usertitle was born X3
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