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  • Yeah, that's pretty much the conclusion I came to. That was just my reasoning when I changed from Murkrow in the first place. I decided to go back since I guess it would be easier to go back to a name I'd already gone by and also thinking of new names is hard.
    Also having a name that isn't easily googlable is always a good idea. My previous name was so unique you could google it and be certain it was me. It would only take one person to put both that and my real name in one place for it to screw me over if any potential employers come across it. It doesn't help that my real name is pretty unique too :P
    Yeah it's from K-ON, I got into one of those moods where I watch an entire series in a week or two and afterwards just have to download wallpapers and papercraft models and change avatars and all that.

    I hope you never change yours, in my head you'll always look like whatever kind of cat that is. What kind is it anyway? A cheetah or jaguar or something?
    Yes! I've been wanting to change my name for a while since none of the names I've ever had have been particularly... namey. It always felt weird when people called me by whatever name I had since they didn't seem like names.
    Then I realised I was cool with Murkrow, I just changed it in the first place because I thought using a Pokémon's name as a username was noobish, especially on a Pokémon site.
    Maybe. Mostly it seems it might confuse people who are used to their thread being in forum X, and I don't see much of a desperate need to do anything about forums that aren't very active, but if people largely feel these mostly-empty forums are just getting in their way, it would be reasonable to recombine them somehow.
    They eventually quieted down at 5:30 AM.... .

    And that's good! I just started spring break, actually! And my sleep schedule is all messed up, because I have work and school all day, so I don't get a chance to do my homework until late, and I'm up all night doing it :P It's a never-ending cycle! Oh well! :) How has your day been?
    I can't sleep :P And some family members are staying with us, and they are REALLY loud! Haha how are you? :)
    Hi! :) It appears that we are the only people online, at the moment! :)
    I'm am artist too!


    And I write too, yes. My story, Zilch, is somewhere here in the forums.
    I dint think we've talked yet, but you seem interesting enough. Are you into art or writing?
    You know, you're really nice! Even if the thing you're being nice to can't notice, or if you're feeling down! I'm glad some things seem to have gone well for you recently!
    Not great, I suppose. I had to give up on my lessons and community band because I was already feeling overwhelmed. I suppose there's the summer and next term for better planning... there will be greater disappointments, I'm sure!
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