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  • Second half of my fifth year, eep. I'm quite ready to be done! Probably won't be until December, though. The lessons are through the school, actually. I also get flute lessons, and have done saxophone and piano in the past. Technically I'm FA, though, since the only *music*-music degree my school offers is mused. I've done most everything the university offers music-wise, though. But not education. Because of that, I have a lot of non-music/major classes left to do. I'm doing a cognate in gender studies because I care about it enough (and I'm required to do one or a minor as FA) but at this point, I'd really like to be able to just do my lessons and ensembles because that's what I need the most for what I want to do. I'm just getting redundant credit for them.
    Actually it's my tenth semester... sadly. (Unless you mean second in the context of this academic year, in which case, I have!) It's been a week and I'm already kind of stressed. But I like my classes. And I'm really excited to start my voice lessons!

    It's far too early to start thinking about summer, though.
    They were... eventful, to say the least, but I can't complain about my final grades too much. 4 A's and 2 B+'s.

    I suppose you could say I tired of the norm. I'm not Christian, so I see no reason especially to celebrate Christmas. But I still think there should be causes for celebration. The turning of seasons seem more appropriate than any thing. Even New Year's feels quite artificial.
    I openned Hello Kitty slippers from my dad I don't see often (my parents are devorced long story) today instead XD Merry Christmas^^
    Ello Spoon^_^ My younger brother turned 21 today just about 17 minutes ago ^_^

    Merry Christmas Eve ^_^

    I'm thinking of whether or not I should open my kh 365/2 days game as an early gift today or not XD
    That's good to hear! My "family" celebrates Christmas, although I'd rather not. Individually, I sort of celebrate the passing (and beginning) of seasons and ignore most everything else. Was your semester enjoyable?
    Thats fine XD It really does look like a scarf, tbh. Its just so pretty, isn't it?


    How are you? My brother's birthday is in only 2 days now :) Yes, Christmas Eve. And he will be turning 21^^
    If you look in the "Behind the Avatar" thread, you get to see pictures of me in that new dress I was telling you about... :) I hope you as well think I look totally cool my friend ^_^
    Trying to stay cool calm and collected...*put's twig in her mouth* Wanna check out my friend's new pokemon forum? :)
    I like Treecko a lot now, he has such cool looking evolutions x)

    33 wins on random matchup, I think. But against 48 loses XD; Still, not too shabby..:3

    Aww, i'd love to see a life size victini!^^

    I might go back to bed soon, too. I'm a little cold but my skirt makes a good blanket as I eat :3 goodnight^^
    lol I'm getting pretty hungrey I think i'm gonna go get my veggies and eat them soon :3 But i'm still gonna chat if your still there :) ;3
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