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    Hi! This is Meowth back from the dead. Just letting you know I'm alive and stuff.
    Some people who are super-super cool and I really like in no order: ... Zora ...

    is it bad that when I saw this my mind went 'asdsfdghgjghjh dannichu mentioned me'
    it probably is
    i'll be in the corner
    OH yeah I remember you looking like Raine! Uhm... Grown-up Yotsuba and Raine had a baby who loves rainbows and that baby is you :O

    Save for the fact that I haven't had hair that long in a couple years and my hair is now it's natural color, that's fairly accurate actually.
    Thanks to your current avatar, I now irrevocably think you look exactly like Yotsuba.
    Espeon and I just looked at one of your posts and agreed yet again: "I love Dannichu."

    I just thought you should know.
    while Maryland has gay marriage
    Nope! It's recognised on some levels and not on others; county employees, for example, are fucked if they want to put a same-sex spouse on their health insurance.

    ETA: though that might have changed recently, hm. Worth checking, I guess, but Maryland's really, really prone to half-assing things.
    Oh right twitter. That thing I did. Once upon a time. ^^; I'm sorry. I miss you too but just life and things and brainydepressionpoop ><; I haven't had much silly to say. I'm sorry ^^;

    oh but I have a tumblr now! dinru.tumblr.com is where it is. It's not the same but it's somethink!
    because i feel like showing you this.
    i drew this a few days ago. it's my boyfriend cause he plays saxophone and saxophone is the sexist instrument and he plays jazz sometimes so
    yeah i dunno i just felt like showing you xP
    Hey, I am finally writing that fanfic for Doctor Who based off the mafia game. Since you were the mafia, man that was a long time ago, how would you describe your character?
    Ah, it's okay. That sounds like it was awesome; I saw that a few years back and it was really great. I'm glad you had fun. :D

    Oh, I see. I never really thought about psychology involving math, but that does make sense. Hm... well, I really hope you find something you want to do! It has to be stressful not knowing where to go next, but I bet you'll find something you like. c:

    Ahh, I have no idea where I'd like to go to school to be honest. I'm not sure if I'm going to college year after next or if I want to take a gap year or what... I don't really care that much about what school it is, at least, as long as they offer what I'm interested in and I like the community. But yeah, I think psychology and media studies are pretty relevant to each other, so I'm glad it works out like that.

    Hm, okay. Well, I added you, and maybe I'll see you on sometime. x3
    Ugh, sorry for how late this is! I haven't had internet for a few weeks... not really sure why. Figured dad would clear it up, but we had to have someone check it out. Don't really know what was wrong, didn't care enough to ask, so long as it works.

    Anyways! You'll find one eventually. Just gotta keep trying. Though, one of the reasons I moved was cause I couldn't get a job back in Florida. :P Hopefully it doesn't come to that extreme for you. Just keep trying, you're bound to get one sooner or later. :D

    Though, yeah, go for your degree first. That tends to help. xD
    I think I'm just a perpetual lurker. >_> I always read all the interesting discussions, then think, "maybe next time" when it comes down to actually responding. I really should change that...

    Wow, that sounds really cool. I've never actually studied sociology, but I'm really into anything related to psychology, so it sounds interesting to me. Is there any downside to studying for a while longer, or do you just need to decide that soon? o: Good luck with whatever you do!

    Long-term... Oh man. I do want to go to college and study psychology and media studies, hopefully be a therapist for kids and adolescents as an adult, but... no clue how I'm gonna get there. I'm just taking it one day at a time for now. xD And yeah, it is really fun! I'm doing it with a group of friends I mostly already know, along with a couple other games, but I'm thinking of getting a group together online if I can find a couple more people. Though that might be difficult to organize.

    By the way, do you use IM any more nowadays? Haven't seen you on MSN in ages, but I'm not sure if that's because I have an old screenname or what.
    It's good to be back for me, too. c: I've been lurking a bit, but that's been all for quite a while.

    Oh, you're graduating? Wow. o: Do you have any specific plans for what you're going to do, or are you still figuring that out? That sounds both exciting and stressful.

    I've pretty much been working on school and my social life; I've been going to school full-time for about a year now, and it's going pretty well! Plus I'm running a Pokemon tabletop RPG with some friends, and other fun stuff like that~ So I'm good. c:
    Hey Danni! o: Nothing much going on, but I actually exist on this forum now again and I just wanted to say hi because it's been so long! How are you and stuff?
    Eh, it's alright... I've only been here about 5 months, and I miss all my friends (which I think it part of the reason I came back here - it was familiar, sort of), but it's not horrible. I've got a job, at least, so it's already a step in the right direction.

    Haha, I don't really know what I want to do either. I'm sure it will work out for you, but I personally am not worrying about it. As horrible as that seems, I just... can't seem to force myself to care enough to think about it.

    Yeah, Maine and Florida were in the same time zone - easy for me to remember because I have cousins out there by you (I think I've mentioned that once before), so now I'm reeeeally even farther away.
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