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  • sjhdkahkdsh
    I forgot it was your birthday today! Have an amazing one and maybe I'll be able to scan the birthday picture from last year.
    It's adorable! Somehow, the fact that the Sandshrew looks a little like a cat makes it even cuter!
    uuuum it's small and cute and fluffy, and also my second pokemon game ever was yellow. plus it's retro.
    Mostly I make apples out of red or green socks, tied at the top with brown yarn (for the stem) and with little faces on them.
    That donation pool is so, so good. I keep going back to look at it and the total still seems to be going up, even though it's been a while since it happened. <3 The run was 5k, which seemed not far in theory, but I think I might've misjudged it a bit.

    I'm meant to be getting a job, too. I should really to raise funds for uni, but, but... :p Do you have anything in mind job-wise? Long term, I mean.

    Ahhhh Harry Potter. I'm so excited for it but also really don't want it to end! A back-to-back screening sounds good, especially since Part 1 was so cliffhangy. I've seen a few things about some cinemas in the US where they're showing all eight films in a row, which is mad. We're all dressing up to go (which we did last time, but it was the middle of the day and nobody else did, silly people) so that should be fuuuun.

    Aw, cool! The lobby bit of the theatre was also the lobby of the hospital in New Earth, so that's nifty (and I always expect cat people to emerge from round corners). Barry... oh, Barry. :p
    :D I don't have any online donatey things, but it's all cancer research anyway so you can just donate to the next collection pot you see? I don't know, but thank you anyway.

    It was good! I am by no stretch of the imagination fit, so it was quite tricky (and made my legs want to fall off on Monday) but we got to the end in one piece. And then had ice cream. Mmm.

    I've been busy with people's birthday parties and things the last couple of weeks (which mainly consisted of staying up for most/all of the night watching Harry Potter films, and cheap malibu), and tonight I went to see the musical of Jekyll & Hyde in Cardiff Bay. :D LOVE THE BAAAY. The show was in the big gold armadillo building they stand on the roof in TW, and the inside is sooo cool. And they sell the most tremendous fudge. I've got a lull for a bit until midnight showing of HP7/our summer ball/more birthdays, so I'm going to try and reread all the HP books before the 15th. :P Busy. What about you?
    I was in love with all the crazy stuff you wrote back when it TCoD still had it all up. xD When I first found it at the age of like eleven or however old I was I was like "this stuff is awesome. I love it. <3" I don't even know why I did. All I know was that I did.

    I don't draw a whole lot during the summer, since most of my inspiration comes from boredom in classes. I've done a couple extremely quick sketches to communicate some point which I then scan and send to my friends, but nothing really outstanding or anything.
    My most recent sketch that's not utter crap is probably this, or a drawing of an fantasy I inexplicably had of my best friend and her boyfriend waltzing to Nutcracker's Waltz of the Flowers. (There's also this, a sort of accompaniment: me conducting the orchestra that is playing Waltz of the Flowers. I also turned the first panel of that into a sprite.)
    I was on the TVTropes page for Crack Fic and saw this:
    "Nearly everything written by Dannichu."
    Whoo procrastination :3
    I left an essay until the very day before it was due. Then, at 9pm, when I finally finished it, my USB stick magically broke on its way to the printer :D

    I have contract law on Monday and criminal law on Tuesday. I think that's the order, anyway.

    Well not really, the world ends in an hour 8D
    Haha, thank you :P I always leave revising to the absolute last minute and then cram during the last couple of days, so I should be fine.

    Well I have to clean dishes every Saturday morning but apart from that I'm pretty much free for three months! :3
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