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Recent content by Dannichu

  1. Dannichu

    University Challenge

  2. Dannichu

    Sorry I'm only replying now, the site kept crashing. Grrr. I think I discovered Community...

    Sorry I'm only replying now, the site kept crashing. Grrr. I think I discovered Community around this time last year and subjected Mhals' entire family to it when I visited (her dad loved it, her mum had no idea what was going on). Abed is the absolute best character, though I have a special...
  3. Dannichu

    Pokemon X/Y

    I would be super-excited if the final evos had those secondary types. But I would also be crushed because there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a Patrice tree.
  4. Dannichu


    Well done! I hope the interview goes amazingly :)
  5. Dannichu

    Would you like to be famous or...?

    Harper Lee's livin' the dream. I don't think I really want to be famous. I can't think of anything I'm good at enough to be famous for (don't get me wrong, I'm good at lots of things, I'm just not amazingly fantastic at anything, and I'm okay with that), and the people I care about already...
  6. Dannichu

    Doctor Who Club

    I really, really liked this episode. The mood was great, and all the characters were all cool (the kids weren't the best actors, true), and the setting was atmospheric, and the Cybermen were actually scary. Matt Smith had some fantastic scenes (boy, can that man act), and the only thing is I...
  7. Dannichu

    Incorrect stereotypes

    I dunno, I think there are levels of acceptable nerditude. Like, in the UK, it's socially acceptable to watch Doctor Who and for anyone to play certain video games, whereas things like D&D or going to anime conventions is seen as being more fanatical. Shirts with words like NERD and GEEK...
  8. Dannichu

    Aww, come here, let it all out. Oh man, Buffy is such an emotional wringer. I got home today and...

    Aww, come here, let it all out. Oh man, Buffy is such an emotional wringer. I got home today and my housemates were watching Angel and everything is so sad ;; Community is a pretty excellent antidote, I love it so much. I haven't been keeping up with the most recent series, I have to admit I've...
  9. Dannichu

    Incorrect stereotypes

    And that's why Community is way better than BBT, because it celebrates being a nerd, rather than mocking it :D Seconding feminism and veganinism/vegetarianism. Also, hatred of fat people?
  10. Dannichu

    Pokemon X/Y

    Technically Spinda was a Dizzy Panda Pokemon or soemthing, but this one is WAY cooler. I love them ALL (except maybe the robin, which is just okay) and I LOVE that you can ride Pokemon! What if you can ride other Pokemon??
  11. Dannichu

    Should humans control animal populations?

    I totally agree that euthanising dangerous dogs isn't the best way, and what would be ideal is that people didn't abuse dogs to make them dangerous in the first place. If there are people who are knowledgeable and able to rehabilitate dogs around, then that should absolutely happen (the dog that...
  12. Dannichu

    Team Building Quirks?

    I do this all the time, it's so much fun :) It means my team usually has more girls, because most of my favourite shows have loads of kickass female characters (Buffy/Warehouse 13/Bomb Girls/Azumanga/Doctor Who). One thing I find myself doing in games recently is to not fill up with a team of 6...
  13. Dannichu

    Should humans control animal populations?

    Just in response to the last question - the issue of foxes in urban areas really annoys me. The solution isn't to kill foxes, it's to have better waste disposal and cleaner streets, so foxes won't move into areas massively populated by humans. The foxes (and pigeons and seagulls) are symptomatic...
  14. Dannichu

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Playing Ocarina of Time with Mhals, and Persona 3 by myself. I still haven't beaten it. This game takes foreverrrrr. I foresee a large amount of MarioKart in my future, too.
  15. Dannichu

    Doctor Who Club

    THOMAS THOMAS OH MY GOD Yeah, I really liked this week's episode. I've been a little disappointed with this series (or half-series, or whatever), mostly I think because the episodes feel a little rushed at the end. Hide was good, I thought. But this is the best one so far, I think. I was...