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  • OH can I just say that I enjoyed your VII and Aeris/th feels on tumblr soooo muuuuch. isn't she just great???? People say so often that FF female characters are so lacking and it's just so. not true.

    And haha, I'm the one trying to get daikonpan into the BW seasons!! I will get eeeveryone into it. I have been! okay, I guess. Just relaxing at home these days. :o
    Oh god I thought I responded! I guess I did, just. In my head. Anyway I think the same sorts of things about you too!! :o I uhhhhh don't really use IMs much other than IRC/#tcod, but I would enjoy something like that some time! ^o.o^ If you don't mind we could always chat a bit through VMs! :o or PMs! or something!

    by the way, I like and enjoy your tumblr a lot!! it is good and you are good.
    Wow, sorry for the lateness of this - I've been away for the last week-and-a-bit, seeing assorted people up and down the country. It was amazing fun, though - among other things, I saw The Lion King in London, and it was fantastic.

    I'd actually never studied sociology before I started my univeristy course - embarassingly, a part of why I chose it was because it was a bit like psychology (which I'd done a bit of in my final couple of years of school), but had less maths. The downside to studying longer would be that it'd be very expensive if I didn't get funding for it, and I might be getting a little bored of education. I don't know. I just wish there was something I really wanted to do, I feel a bit floaty and lost.

    Psychology and media studies sounds like an excellent combo - I bet you'll end up doing some sociology, whether you mean to or not, in the course of that. And psychology seems like a good enough gateway to being a therapist, though I don't know much about it. I'm sure you'll do well and enjoy yourself, though. Do you know where you'd like to go to study?

    I don't really use IM much these days, really... I'm on Skype every so often (my username a very boring danielle.rundle), so if you've got it, feel free to add me! My sleeping pattern is all over the place, so I pop on and off at strange hours :p
    I took to just lurking for a while, but recently my days have become pretty empty (I go over to one or other of my friends' houses every evening, but I don't have classes most days, so I get bored), so I'm posting ALL THE TIME now. Like, it's 2:30am for me right now, and I have a 9am class, but I'm messing around on the internet :D

    Actually, I technically graduated last summer with a BA in sociology, but then I came back to the same uni to do basically the same course for a master's degree (and the uni is paying for it, huzzah), and am strongly considering just staying on to do a PhD because, at the moment, staying in education forever looks like more fun than getting a proper job :p Failing that, I might look into teacher training courses and attempt to be a sociology teacher? I really don't know. How about you? Any ideas about what you'd like to be doing long-term?

    I'm glad school's going well for you! And a Pokemon tabletop RPG sounds absolutely excellent. I've never really gotten into roleplaying, online, tabletop or otherwise, but it does look like great fun, and I bet it's an excellent way to meet cool people.
    (my god, I've been trying to post this for ages, the forum keeps crashing)

    Hiiiii! :D It's good to have you back - I took a break for a while; not intentionally, but I just had a busy few months and didn't post much and now I'm BACK and it's good. And I'm doing pretty excellently, thanks - I'm in a bit of a tizzy about what to do with my life because I'm graduating pretty soon and might have to join the real world, but everything else is grand. How about you? Have you been up to much?

    That is amazing. I have set it as my wallpaper (replacing the cast of The West Wing, no less!) and won't change it, no matter how many odd looks it gets me next time I use my laptop on a train! :D

    Wow, I'm absolutely terrible with Colette. The only person I'm worse with in the Coliseum in ToS with is Genis, and that's because he's only good at casting spells. At least Raine can heal herself at crucial moments!

    I love the alternate costumes so much; all of Presea's are criminally adorable, but I rarely see her beach or formal gear because her Klonoa outfit is so, so cute I just can't have anything else! Same with Genis and his Katz outfit <3
    Plus I love having the big, serious discussions between the party and Mithos with the team dressed as a cat, a pirate, a maid and so on. Makes it just that much more fun XD

    I forgot to carry over my EX Gems on my last ToS playthrough and I'm trying to remember what they all were... I miss them D: I'll have to have a look on GameFAQs or something to see how I can get Raine to have Speedcast again and things.
    Aww ): I can beat pretty much anything in Symphonia. Admittedly, this is because a) it's a fairly easy game, b) I have 10x exp, making me obscenely high-levelled, and c) I have the Devil's Arms complete with about ten playthrough's worth of killings.
    Good times :D

    Pac-man buckle? Oh, that's so cool! Though the prize for best Namcoish costume pretty much has to go to Presea's Klonoa outfit, especially with the Pac-man hat <3 I very, very rarely have Presea in anything other than her Klonoa suit because it's just so cool~

    Nam Cobana Island. Oh god, that's priceless XD
    Okay, yeah; that's a little creepy. And very spoilery, too. :/

    I love the self-referential stuff in the Tales games; I've only played ToS, but I know that in one of the games there's a Someone Fujibiyashi, one of Sheena's descendents/ancestors, and my friend who has Tales of Eternia on the PSP was thrilled when we went to the Coliseum in ToS on Hard mode and fought against two of the characters from ToE in the final fight X3

    Plus, the big statue of Pac-Man in Flanoir always makes me grin X3
    Funny you should tell me you've just beaten the game, when my friend just called me and told me he finally beat it, and is starting his own New Game+ xD
    Oh, you're lucky. Fragmented End is the one thing I fear from her.

    And yeah, her HP doubles and triples, as well as all of her stats. She's got just over 1 million HP on Unknown x.x
    lol, try fighting her on Very Hard, or Unknown difficulty. She's freakishly difficult, which is just understating it a little bit. Try taking Natalia into the fight with you. Revive is extremely handy for that fight. And if you think Meteor Swarm brings all things to hell, just wait 'till she uses Fragmented End, and Time Stop ;~;

    What playthrough are you fighting her on? If you're on your second, hopefully you've got Guy's Jewel of Gardios? =D
    Yeah, you have to solve the puzzle with the funky ladders at the end of Eldrant. That gets you the Unicorn Horn, I believe. It's not hard to get, but it's really easy to miss.
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