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fresh fruit for Adol

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  • whoa, welcome back! i remember seeing your name around here like years ago
    fresh fruit for Adol
    fresh fruit for Adol
    hahah thanks, i kinda pop in here once in a while to see what's up. i was surprised to see the look of the forum changed!
    I've been playing a bunch of tag climax today. It's really fun and makes me appreciate the game even more. I've also been getting lots of halos doing this, and just got the earrings of ruin.

    I may be playing some more tomorrow if you're interested, but I have to give the game back to my friend after that.
    Well, I wouldn't mind trying tag climax, but I'm borrowing the game from a friend and he probably wants it back once I've finished the main story.
    I never went looking for any rare items, but I did use the Ring of Arcana, so I got quite a few of them by luck. Thing is, the game is pretty easy once you're high enough level. The only boss that was really tough to beat was Galamoth, because he has ridiculous amounts of HP.

    I actually just beat Bayonetta and I'm going to start playing Bayonetta 2 now.
    is one amazing final boss. Platinum Games really knows how to do final bosses well.
    I just finished SotN. I then went back and got 200.6% map completion. I love how frickin' huge the map is in this game.
    I just finished playing MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. Since it's one of your favorite games, do you think you could answer something for me?

    That is true. I shall put it on my wishlist until I decide I can buy it XD *runs off to Steam* Good suggestion! Also thank you for assuring me the games get longer :P I am not satisfied with the length of the first one, not at all.
    That's true, but it isn't my money I'm spending so I'm more cautious with it. You know? Also it hasn't been that long since I asked to get a game, so...I try to buy games sparingly :P
    Well dangit, then I'm sad I only got I and II D: I should have, they were on sale for $5, $6 on Steam :/ Oh well, too late now :( At least the second one is longer :D
    I'm close to beating the first one (I've been busyish and haven't played for a few days), I think. But I feel like the games are kinda short, you know?
    This is random, but I saw your name and it reminded me, I bought a couple of Chronicles of Ys games on Steam the other day :D
    Yeah that'd be cool. My ingame name is Partizana, add me if you want. Don't yell at me if I suck lol.

    I'm personally enjoying the noitanimA shows this season: Robotics;Notes and Psycho Pass. I think those two shows are pretty well executed. I don't know about Chuunibyou, for some reason I'm not enjoying nearly as much as I did Hyouka.

    Fuck, I forgot about this conversation. :/

    What a coincidence, I also just start playing League. I'm fairly new though, but we should toats play when I can actually do shit.

    Yeah, following anime is tough; last fall was officially my first season watching anime as it aired, and I ended up falling behind on a lot of things (I still do). I eventually manage to catch up, but especially this year I'm finding less and less time to get the chance.

    Where you goin' to school again? You're in Chicago, right?
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