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fresh fruit for Adol

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  • Haha, I don't even want to take one math class in a semester.

    Yeah, I'm alright. I'm in my junior year now, so I'm trying to step it up this year. Thankfully I like all my classes and teachers, so I'm liking it so far. I haven't been doing a lot of gaming though; I think the last game I bought was Dark Souls. :/ I DO want Borderlands 2 though, that shit looks rad. I finally got a computer, too, and hopefully I'll be able to play some games.

    Watching a lot of anime these days. Been thinking of starting my own blog sometime soon.
    Many of the properties within have already seen some sort of release in America, so it they have an impetus to bring it here. That or people will be sure to let Namco et al know that the game should come here. Operation Rainfall worked, you never know.
    I'll be honest: I just got into Castlevania after I got the awesome Lord of Shadows, and I was going to borrow an original Symphony from a friend.

    So the old ones are a lot like Metroid, huh? Awesome; that's means I love it twice as mutch. Thanks!
    Hey, fresh fruit, I have a question since I just heard that you're quite the Castlevania junkie:

    Is Symphony of the Night the best of the series, in your opinion?
    Ah OK. I kinda miss MH though; even if we did mainly post random nonsense. I pretty much lost contact with everyone else too, which sucks.
    True. I'm not expecting Conquest to be similar to either series, though. Crossovers tend to be more fun when you're familiar with both series, so I think it's a bit of a disservice when you only know half of the game. Plus it'd be good to expand what series I play.

    I'll have to check that one out then, it looks like it's on the Virtual Console! :D
    Back then might have been when The Cave of Drama was in full force, but it's still silly when considering that the forum owners were/are good friends. Am I ever glad those days are done with!

    Oh, I'm assuming you're excited about Pokémon Conquest being translated? I should probably brush up on Nobunaga's Ambition given how little I know; what game would you recommend starting with?
    Outside of here and newsites, Mew's Hangout was one of my very first fansites. It introduced me to fanart and set my standards high. Oh, goodness, all the themes were fantastic, but I was partial to Vaporeon. I wish I'd found the oekaki when it was around, because I always enjoyed the oekaki archives.

    Wasn't there a silly raid on TCoDf by MHf? I think that a few members here came from that.
    Yeah, I don't bother with larger Pokemon forums, because they have a lot of this silly arguing over stuff that shouldn't matter and seem to forget why they like the series in the first place. But! Semi-active forums tend to be nicer and have people how don't take the series quite as seriously, but still really enjoy it.

    Yeah! I browsed the forums a bit, but never joined. The site was fantastic, until it went KABOOM! D:
    You couldn't be talking about Mew's Hangout, could you? :o

    Probably, but any fanbase can have its fair share of unlikable fans, especially the popular and long running ones.

    Hmm, that's interesting. I was expecting it to be better received, especially seeing the effort into its graphics.

    Ah, hope the break does him well.
    Well, more active than whatever I've been for the past, uh, six years here. I've just now suddenly stopped lurking and I'm not exactly sure why. Haha. Still sort of surprised, though, that you managed to find your way here; it's not an especially gamer oriented place for a Pokémon forum or super well known one.

    Yeah, I've never played a Mega Man game, but MML3 seemed really interesting and I was planning on giving it a shot. I was disappointed to hear it got cancelled, so it must have been awful for the fans, especially with all their participation in the effort. I didn't quite understand why Capcom opted not to translate the Miles Edgeworth sequel, either. The Ace Attorney games have enough of a following to be worth the effort, even if the 3DS is already out.

    I'm not all that familiar with the Mega Man fanbase, but I'm sure like any long running and well-known series (or probably any series for that matter), it has its share of unsavory fans that are easy to poke fun at. Which doesn't end well for either party when done wrong. >:

    Resident Evil: Relevations, from the little I read about it, looked it was trying to return to its survival-horror roots. So do you think it was the change in genre, a lack of quality, or some other thing(s) that disappointed you?

    Sorry to hear about Ono being hospitalized, though. The amount of Street Fighter games that exist is unreal. I'm assuming he's back on the job?
    I find it interesting that you're fairly active on a Pokémon forum, then. I've never known them to be especially varied in video game tastes. (That being said, though, I found out about both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright through here, haha. There cannot be enough support for their crossover.)

    I'm interested, though, what trouble Capcom's going through. I know that Mega Man's original creator left a year or so back, Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled despite strong support, and their localization strategies have been more than questionable, but I don't quite understand what's causing all of it.
    I probably have more free time than most and spend a good bit on video games, but you're always two steps ahead of me. I mean I know a bit about Xenoblade and Last Story, but you're all like BAM! here's a bunch of stuff about these obscure, but awesome Wii RPGs that needed to brought to the US. Oh and here's this awesome Pandora's Tower thing, too!

    Okay, maybe my main sources are Nintendo Power and Pokémon forums, but still! I had no idea Capcom has had trouble for awhile, until you mentioned it.
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