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fresh fruit for Adol

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  • omg.


    *wets himself*

    Didn't you were a Dark Souls fan! :/ totally pumped for it, everything I've seen so far looks GREAT. Been playing a lot of Demon's Souls lately, too. I probably just made my best character in my last playthrough.

    We should totally play sometime. Gimme your PSN, I'll add you. =P
    It has nothing to do with you, my good friend. It is simply the fact I have been less active as of recently. I must partly blame this on the fact that a friend got me into World of Warcraft.

    It's not that I am actually addicted to it, but it takes a lot of time, more or less. Not to mention I have taken a liking for roleplaying.

    Also trolls <3 how could you not love someone who talks like this?
    Hmm, I see. I'll go check those two out as soon as the semester is finally over! ^w^

    Ahh, cool, cool. I wish you the best of luck with your studies in those fields then, dude. x3 I was hoping to major in mathematics but lately I'm not quite sure what I want to do. This semester is technically my last and I should be heading off to university but due to my indecisiveness of wanting to continue on with math I've decided not to go into higher education just yet. I don't think I'm ready for university to be honest.

    Speaking of cooking, I have to agree, it's fun! Kind of like a science experiment if you ask me. I believe the best dish I've cooked was curry; that was delicious! What kind of dishes have you cooked? :3c
    Sleep.... what is this 'sleep' you speak of? xD
    Yeah, I can relate to you on the sleep thing, though I manage to get enough sleep from time to time but barely enough of it.

    Ahh, summer classes.... That reminds me, I gotta sign up for Linear Algebra and Electricity & Magnetism soon this summer. With that said, it brings me to a new question: what are you studying in college? As for me, I'm currently in a computer science and mathematics program which is essentially 2 programs in one but is more focused on the mathematics than computer science much to my group's dismay. x3;;;

    Oooh, Dynasty Warriors 7. :3
    Hmm, I guess... work will keep me busy during the summer. And let's not forget the modded PS1 that my soon-to-be-uncle had lend to me. =D (Although I'm lacking games for it other than FF7.... Hmm, what ISOs should I burn....?)
    I'M NOT 'YOU', I'M 'ME' :j
    Jokes aside, HEY THERE! And huh, it really has been over a year and a half. Go figure. Moving along, though.... My life has been stressful lately with college work and my job at the local supermarket in the customer service department.

    In college, the workload of the program I'm currently studying in is too heavy and demanding. I thought I could handle it, but sadly I'm struggling real bad and my grades have been faltering for the worst. Thus I'm thinking of switching out of it. :S

    As for work.... well, it's not as stressful as school thankfully. All I do there is bag groceries, push carts away, put away overstock, fix the can & bottle machines, clean, and occasionally help out customers (although there's always one weird old lady who I have to deal with looking for who knows what in the wrong aisle for some reason! x3)

    However.... I've never felt more alive than I do now despite all the obstacles in life retarding my pursuit for happiness and success. Luckily I manage to get by every now and again.

    So in short, how've I been? Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. C:
    Now it's my turn to ask: how've YOU been?
    I got SuikoI not long after it came out, and then V not long after it came out, and then looked for III and IV used because sure why not. (I'd heard none of the sequels except V held up that well when compared to the original, but I eventually decided that I might as well pick up the rest. Can't possibly be worse than FFIII!) I keep not getting around to playing non-I games, though ... mainly because I remember WAIT! SUIKODEN EXISTS! whenever my stepdad's replaying IV or V and then the PS2 is claimed. I've had V for years and only actually got past the Lordlake flashback a few days ago.

    I think it's not so much "someone who enjoys the series" that's an issue as "someone who has heard of the series". Siiiigh.
    I like FFVIII when I convince myself not to draw 100 of every spell. Then some of the bosses are actually kinda difficult. That's what I've been doing during my current playthrough.
    Indeed. I've been playing through Disc 3 of FF8 obsessively over the past few days just to get to his whole president scene. Laguna just simply makes FF8 so much better.
    It's all cool. I didn't mind the rant, it was very true. I'm sick of seeing Mega Man fans constantly going at each others throats and getting on their high horse about how Classic, X, Legends, and Zero are better while dismissing the other series as garbage. Seriously, because of those whiny fandouches, we'll never see another Battle Network or Starforce game. UGH. I swear, Mega Man fans are the worst I've seen, is it that hard to be more open-minded to diversity in the series?

    On the Rogue subject, I'll kill that white-haired pretty boy eventually... I swear, I haven't had this hard of a time on a Mega Man boss since CircusMan.EXE on Battle Network 6.
    I guess I'll try again, I have what I think may be a good deck.

    Sorry if it seemed out of the blue. You're probably the only person I know who actually likes Starforce and Battle Network and not bitch and complain about them. Mega Man fans suck.
    I remember in a thread you saying that you liked MegaMan Starforce, I need some help. Whenever you fight Rogue in the Bermuda Maze in Starforce 2, he ALWAYS kills me when I get him down to low health because of that stupid sword he gets... any tips at all?
    I know I saw on RPGland.


    Vesperia/Graces/Xillia would be awesome.
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