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fresh fruit for Adol

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  • Damn, I really wanted to know that, because that song might just be my favourite song of all time, the entire Klonoa franchise's music is fucking amazing, even the handheld ones.

    Klonoa Heroes' Guntz Theme: <3
    Hey Blazing, do you know who composed King of Sorrow's Theme? I'd like to know that just to know who I should think is the best person in history. :3
    Indeed it would be. :D

    I live in the northern end of Southern Illinois. The problem is that no one lives in Southern Illinois. ._.
    Hey I just noticed you live in the same state as I do. :D

    Probably on the opposite end, though. Southern Illinois is blah.
    I see. But as said, what are the hardest, or maybe least easy, bosses in the franchise? as I'm making a list about it I'd like to know that.
    I've actually yet to beat Balue's tower on klonoa Wii.

    But anyway, could you say some special bosses that are harder then to others? you never said any special one, and I'm going to need that for my list.
    Is the King Of Sorrow any hard by the way?
    a quick guestion Blazing, is Klonoa 2 harder then Klonoa 1? I can already play through Klonoa Wii with every villager saved and all crystals by now, and take down Baladium at 27 seconds.

    By the way, I've been planning to make a top ten hardest Klonoa bosses list on Youtbe, and i thought you might be able to suggest some, I so far only three bosses on the list, nahatomb, Joker/Joka and the first boss of Dream Champ Tournament, my god I don't know how many times I died in that race. >_>
    I found the one at Gamestop site, but as I'm not sure if it's a PAL or not, because if it isn't I can't play it on a European PS2. And I always go to eBay whenever there's something I want to buy, but it was rather hard to find what I want there, one of the actually good ones was like $135 or something. I didn't check Amazon because I constantly forget that site exists.
    All I know of 'm is from fandom. ... usually in Hetalia discussions.

    a science-fiction/fantasy one~
    Hey Blazing, do you know where I can find Klonoa 2 for a reasonable price? The game isn't sold anywhere since it's been 8 years since the release. And I really can't find one but I want to play it. D:
    I've never played either.

    's that the series where China and Japan fused and Nobunaga is creepy?
    Not much~ Went to a con this weekend but I feel kinda crappy now (haha colds)~ How're you?
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