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  • Why, thank you. I have a hard time coming up with my own names, so I just copy from reliable sources. Like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    Or what I hope to find... sheesh I love that song.

    And YES it is. :D *snorts at the <3.14* XDD
    ... I was just thinking to myself something along the lines of, "This person likes Warriors, PW, and Avatar. Why is she not on my friends list?" So I fixed that. :D
    Yay! Oh, I'm flattered, that I'm the person for crazy crossovers X3

    Hehe, I love the ones you have so far - I especially love Machi as Mithos because I always imagine Machi to be him because of the blonde-looking-like-a-girl thing they have going on.
    And Raine as Ema is perfect because she gets annoyed and throws things at you XD

    Okay, so so far on the AJ side, you have an Apollo, Trucy, Kristoph, Klavier, Ema, Thalassa, Machi and Valant.
    And you have Lloyd, Genis, Kratos, Zelos, Raine, Martel, Mithos and Yuan on the ToS side.

    I think that makes Regal Phoenix, then. You need a Phoenix, and Regal has the slightly-ragged appearance, as well as being a father-figure for Lloyd in the game and going through a hige fall-from-grace thing. Playing the piano with handcuffs has gotta be pretty hard, mind.

    I think Presea works well as Vera, since they're both absolutely adorable, and when you intitally meet them, they're all quiet and withdrawn, but get more open and likable as you get to know them.

    Dirk would be the Judge. I would love it so, so much if the Judge spoke with Dirk's awesome, awesome voice.

    This might be one of those Things That Should Not Be, but I can't help but think Colette would make a half-decent Gumshoe. They're both optimistic, well-intentioned and have people they really admore, but they're slightly useless most of the time. X3

    Sheena... uh, I'm thinking maybe Olga? Except kind of in reverse; Sheena initally meets you and wants to kill you, but you find out she's really a nice girl trying to do what's best, while Olga's sweet and shy at first, and then turns out to be a ruthless gambler. I can't think of anyone else for either of them (the only other female AJ characters are Alita and Little Plum, and she definetly doesn't match either of those o.o).

    Uuuh, Brushel could maybe be the Wonder Chef because he shows up all over the place for no real reason?

    Pronyma would have to be Alita, I guess, because she's all evil and such, Daryn could be... Forcystus? He's the Grand Cardinal I imagine would look best with an electric guitar XD

    Hotti can be the Mayor of Iselia because he's creepy and I don't like him :/

    And that's pretty much everything I can think of XD Hope I helped~
    Nothing much- I never go anywhere, but I might hang out with my best friend at a party at her house tomorrow night, and I always go to my grandmother's on Christmas Day.
    Not exactly vacation, but something.
    Hello, Salamander. You seem pleasant enough, so Merry Christmas. What are you doing during these holidays?
    ...I'll admit it; the whole picture was an excuse to draw Lloyd in a skirt XD
    Well, that and I quite like the Zelos/Lloyd pairing, and I had to make them Collins and Angel to avoid slightly squicky pairings like Lloyd/Kratos or Kratos/Genis or something.
    And I put Colette in Mimi's stripper gear because I'm a cruel, cruel person.
    I need to redraw that pic to make it slightly better sometime :3

    As far as the PW crossover goes, Phoenix is Collins (with his Hobo!hat), Edgey is Angel (because wearing pink is one step away from crssdressing, obviously), Maya is Maureen, Gumshoe is Mark (all of these have breen drawn be either me or Mhalsy) and I think Fran's Joanne (which not only rhymes, but they both have the lawyer thing going on), Godot and Mia are Roger and Mimi, which leaves... von Karma as Benny? XD

    Oh my God, that's so Zelos I could cry. Uuh, I did a Rent/ToS crossover pic ages ago, which I've probably already show you (here), where the characters keep thier genders and, uh, sometimes bits of their personality (Raine could kind of be Joanne... not so sure about Colette!Mimi, though x.x) And I forgot Regal existed, so Presea's Mark XD

    I need to do a Rent/Phoenix Wright crossover, too; I have all the characters in my head and everything :D
    Aaaah, that's absolutely amazing <3 I could fangirl over it all day :D
    I'm so glad you liked ToS... you're awesome and like all the same stuff as me~
    So how was your birthday? Did you do anything fun? Did you get any gifts? I'll make you a gift if you want. I Photoshop Sugimori art and recolor it. Here's an example:

    Because I was feeling extremely unwitty when wondering what to put as my usertitle, so I stole a Chandler quote because my sister was watching Friends in the same room X3

    I'll be back to RENT/Wicked lyrics before you know it, I'm sure :3
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