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  • They bein' Tales of Destiny, Tales of Phantasia, and Tales of Eternia/Destiny II. Phantasia was only released in Japan, but there's an english patch floatin' around on a guy's website I know, and Eternia was released over in the US as Destiny II because of some copyright crap with He-Man :c
    Abyss was great. I need to play it more though Dx I've only beaten three times, which is pathetic compared to the 15 times I've beaten Symphonia and Vesperia :x

    If you're computer's strong enough to handle PSX emulators, you could always check out the Tales games on that system :) Only three (Four really, but one of'em is a fan disk...) came out, but they're all solid titles.
    Of course! I'm always up for makin' new friends :D My friends get bonus points in awesome if they know what Tales is xD but either way, it's all good.
    Oh, me too. >D

    God, I totally agree on that being him at his most badass. It was like, nooo please don't give in!? *wait* Hell. Yeah.

    I think I died at the 'pillock' line, I think I've loved him undyingly since that exact moment.
    I was wondering whether even any Buffy fans would get it, since it seems to be quite an obscure quote. XD

    THE TUTU, YES. And his big rock, that Spike can't wait to show his friends. :D
    ... how did you get this number :BB I never post there, just use it for commenting and junk. (well I did but shh that never happened)

    (wait wouldn't that only make sense if you were coming from the future. like mystery dungeon!! oooh)

    I-I have some links for you if you would like to look at them |D they are http://www.dragonflycave.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8283 and... uh. I had another but I forget. but but if you like RPs whoop :D :D?

    ETA: Liar Game! I recommend it to everyone who's enjoyed Death Note. And those who haven't. \o/
    Oh my god hot damn you win at life.

    The World Ends With You. Ace Attorney. ZARLA. Vienna Teeeeeeng. [clicks LJ profile and aewpoiaf we match on so many interests. like all of them.] Barenaked Ladies Bowling for Soup Death Note EMILIE AUTUMN Fullmetal Alchemist Haruhiiiii Douglas Adams Miyazakiii Coultoooooon. I'll. just end at the second line. omg.

    Miss, are you me? :D


    That is absolutely, completely and utterly AMAZING. Thank you so, so much! Nobody's ever made me a video before, and I have no idea how long that must've taken you, but thank you so much!!! <33
    (in case you couldn't guess, I love it)

    My birthday was epic, thanks :) I had a bunch of my friends over (including my sister) and I got loads of awesome things including (hehe) a figurine of Vamp Willow X3
    It's coming out day on your birthday? Wow.

    I have a grandfather who's birthday is on valentines day.
    Ohmigawd, your icon xDDDD
    Took me awhile to figure out what the heck that Slowpoke was wearing.
    there ain't no fear, there ain't no hope~

    but salamanders = epic C:
    Yes! I am a Certified Femslash Practitioner and have the badge and qualifications to prove it XD
    (I will now have to restrain myself from actually designing that badge XD)

    The happiness a canon couple will have is (according to my maths) directly inproportional to the length of the series. If it's short, you'll pretty much see them get together and be, for the most part, happy. But if it's part of a long-running series, the writer's'll make them suffer so much more to, I dunno, keep viewers interested and make the couple "more believable". This is especially true in anime serieses.

    I actually had this discussion recently about how cruel it is that writers have complete control over their characters and then actively choose to make them unhappy when there's enough uncontrollable unhappiness in real life.
    ...which is probably why I love Pushing Daisies so much; minimal angst and one of the cutest canon couples I've ever seen on TV.

    Aww, I have a Specific Example of writer's cruelty of my own and it's months later and I'm still really, really sad and angry about it. And have a massive love/hate relationship with the show's creator, too X3

    Best of luck with your writing! Angsty/fluffy/both, whatever it is X3
    Haha, I love that I'm the femslash expert. I feel like I should have a badge or something XD

    Actually, in my (embarassingly extensive) experience, femslash is a massive pile o' angst. Mostly because the pairings aren't canon and the females involved are canonically involved with Male Characters Y and Z, making it much harder to pair Females A and B together without lots of drama.
    And, I guess, also because writers like making relationships between females really quite bitchy (see: Thirteen and Amber in House). Which certianly adds to the sexual tension, but not so much to the warm-fuzzies.
    ...And also because writers are deeply cruel human beings who like killing off at least one half of a (potential) femslashy couple (okay, The Wicked Witch died in the original Wizard of Oz, so I can't resent Gregory Maguire too much for doing it again in Wicked, but that doesn't make it hurt any less). But I try not to think too much about that last one.

    And my point (I think?) is that bizzare, angsty femslash isn't unusual and is actually more the rule than the exception. But since 99% of femslashy pairings fall into one of the three categories mentioned above, writers can and will write it sweetly and romantically because if it's all just ANGST then... it'll make me cry. Or something. ):

    And, oh dear, that ended up longer than I thought it would be. Haha, look what you get for getting me started on 'shipping XD
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