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  • Alright xD I'll go post now and I hope you can do it cuz those banners are awesome :D
    I don't have the direct link to them so I hope that's alright, they're in the banner in my sig already so I hope that wouldn't be too difficult
    I totally want to make a request in your art shop but I dunno if you'd take it since I don't have pictures but just sprites and I just want to be sure before I make a request ._.

    So now that the Soul guard is moving to Blackwell, we're thinking, "Didn't the Council mention a Ms. Giovedi?"

    So you could catch up all quick-like if you wanted, we're just walking on our way through the woods, still relatively near the camp. Yaaaay.
    good job
    you are almost as slow to come around as your namesake
    just hangin around in the sky like some blind mofo
    :'c I just read your CC thread. I have no advice to give, because I have no idea what you're going through. But I offer you my sympathies.

    Need an E-hug?
    Hi there. Do you have a DSi? If so, do you have Flipnote Studio? It's an awesome application.

    Heh, you're on the sidelines or me? I actually read fairly widely in the forums, though I don't often post outside of ASB.

    Lack of time's a downer, but usually I have enough to get the stuff I need to done.
    Err, well, unless you've changed your username from something else, I don't think I've really ever seen you around all that much.
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