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  • Would you care for another Hetalia Mafia? It has been suggested to me and I would like to know if you would want another one.
    "All I can say is that the request was put in by somebody who isn't in this mafia but told me that people complain about Maimi and that they're an easy target night 0 to make the game go smoothly." eeh?

    ... oh. I understand. there are approximately three possibilities involved, one of which is highly improbable, and one of which is ... likely. tricksy wording, eh?



    (also your total postcount is 666.)

    Have a present.
    Hey, would you mind if we closed this battle in a tie? Since it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
    No, we asked at like the same time. I think if something like this happens then it's Flying Mint Bunny's choice between us. I read that somewhere in the rules...
    Hey Orng, are you going to end the day soon in MG Pokemafia? I know, I'm so impaitent for this.
    It's going pretty well, thanks! Not a lot's happening at the moment (it never does at the start of term), so I'm spending a lot of time just hanging around the house, but later in the year I'm visiting a friend in America (my brest friend's studying out in North Carolina) and graduating and - hopefully - going on to do another degree at a different univeristy.

    Do you have any exciting 2011 plans?
    Hi. Dunno if you noticed but I've taken on your battle vs. Flora and Ashes as e-ref, and it's a little over DQ. Since it was my fault for not noticing you have another day.
    Er.. well, not for nothing, but there's a rather long line in front of you. =/ I haven't even gotten a battle in yet (The only one that got picked up my opponent never showed) and there's at least a page worth of posts to go through. It's a bit of a slow time right now, hopefully it'll pick up in the summer with exams ending and all. Till then... just have to be patient I'm afraid. I only just got Ref and I'm taking it slow for the time being.
    um.. kinda I have Facebook and i've just set up my Windows Live Messenger (msn i think.) I'm really kinda new to it.
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