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  • Ah, I'm still chugging along. I kinda gave up on the MH refugee forums, it was basically just a handful of us posting random shit in the spam board. It was just... pointless and not much fun really. Also, the stuff Ishuta was posting was creepy as hell to be honest. I think all attempts at recreating MH are doomed to failure unfortunately.

    Ha yeah, I was just randomly checking your profile and did a double take when I saw you'd been online recently. Good to see you again too.
    Hey Sireafi... I noticed you'd been online recently. How are things going?
    Oh yeah, I remember you from waaaay back at MHF! (Those were the days... |D myst have been, what? Three years ago? Longer? Hmm... I was like 12 or something. Younger, even.)

    I'm fine! Summer vacation is lovely.

    Did you just return here? I haven't seen you in a while.
    Sireafi! I was wondering when I'd see your username, I must just keep looking over it. @_@; How have you been?
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