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  • Ah. Well, at least I was helpful in Sheebit.
    Now to go enjoy my evening and absolutely not beat my head against the wall for the wasted evening.
    Hey you. Have a Sheebit.

    Obvious Eevee base is obvious. I tried to make it good, I hope you like it. I will do my best to get the others done soon.

    Ooh ooh ooh! I also transparented that second Sheebit image!

    EDIT: Have a Terrabbit too

    EDIT: And a Laissure

    >:C So... many... details...
    I had a lot of trouble getting it into a 32x32 grid, that one. I had to move its head in by a pixel and completely redo its tails.
    Oh god, Zephyr! I hope you remember me. DarkEspeon? DE? Something along those lines?

    I don't know what to say without being awkward, hm. How are... you?
    The Way We Get By is good! My favorite would probably be Don't You Evah or... well, several songs from Girls Can Tell. It's my favorite of theirs.
    Did you get my replies to the sprite PM I sent? 'cause I replied to your comments a few weeks ago and you never responded :/

    Well, Full Metal Cookies opened a shop where you give her your personality traits, and she makes a Fakemon based on you. I fell in love with mine, and made a crappy attempt to sprite it, so I had Bluwiikoon do it. :3

    Aren't I adorable?

    I prefer Zapdos and Minun, actually. I WILL CALL IT BUTTERCUP. *Yoom-tah*
    You and Spaekle need to join TWEWY Mafia 2 if there is one and there ought to be! I need to find more TCoDers who've played it and bother them to join. bother bother bother bother
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