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  • Uh, just wanted to say that your sprites are quite amazing, especially the Skymin sprite, and I like your attention given to Miniun and Plusle (they seriously need more love.)
    Wow, you have exactly 200 posts. Anyhow, you are such a good spriter! Always nice to see your stuff.
    Alright, cheers. :D I was just thinking of having the first round be some good splicing, to start off relatively easy and maybe draw people in.

    You know, people keep telling me that, but I just don't see it. XD; Just practice tons, and don't eat the shrooms? For what it's worth, I really like your scratches.
    Hate to nag, but did you ever pick a winner for that sprite contest? You don't even have to do prizes or anything, I just want to know if I won or not ^^;
    Hey, ASB sounds cool. Maybe I'll look it over again sometime. The orders thing is probably what confused me.

    ... Aaand I ran out of things to talk about. :P Maybe I'll think of something later.
    The most random of Pokemon mixed together can actually make something interesting, I guess.

    Ah yes, gotta love the "nanobar and link to your ASB profile" part

    ... Hm. what's ASB like? Difficult? I was thinking of at least trying it, but it seemed a little complicated.
    Well, you are one of the best scratchers here, no denying it! xD


    Oops, Caps Lock :P
    Hay. Is it possible for a forum member to become your friend?

    ... We both like spriting, and we are both quite decent at scratches (Okay, so you are much better than me, but you are my role model) and other spriting methods.

    So, may I please be your friend? I bet we can get along very well!
    Fly, darn you! >:{ ... I laughed when I read your message. I didn't know you went by Zephyr. You're right, Zephyr is such a pretty, poetic word... that's really the only reason it's in my sig. I mean, I love the sng it came from, but it's such a pretty image. Thanks for the message; It's nice to hear from you! ^^
    I just watched that “They’re using the thunder as armour!” episode. Wow, just wow. The Pokémon animé has always been ridiculous but…..this! The only way to describe this episode is just by quoting it. “They’re using the thunder as armour! (this makes prefect sense!)” Thank you for pointing that one out, I needed a laugh.
    No way, I think it was the same show! Fingertips was so awesome, and I was really excited to hear Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head. If only I had better seats! We were way up back, and there were tall people in front of us. :- /

    I wish I had more TMBG albums. All I've got are The Else(with Cast Your Pod to the Wind), A User's Guide(greatest hits album), and various bits I've downloaded.

    I've heard there's to be a show in Northhampton in October, I ought to get some ticket information on that. So exciting! =D
    Why, yes it is! Nice to see another fan. I saw them earlier this year in a tiny theatre in Somerville, it was sooo awesome. What's your favorite TMBG song?
    haha yay! yeahh that was my pokesona v_v yeah, all that! gee thanks about the spriting ;-; nice to see you again too :33

    yeah that would be awesome!
    hello zephyr!

    i was abpikachu back at mh, not sure if that rings a bell since i was only at dugtrio's mh for a while but eh v_v i do remember you though! helloooo
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