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Old Catch
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  • Oh, yeah. I abandoned the site for months like a year or two ago, and I had to start posting again when I came back and saw that. That header has powers. :(
    Why thank you, Catch. [I refer to most people by their old userames or by abbreviations of their username.]
    L fan?

    I saw your CC thread. Pull in there. Try to ignore the other person next time you see her. Honestly, she's not worth your time. If you ever need tto talk, well you've got me.
    Whoo! 8D This is a fun rollar coaster we're on.

    Ahahahaa! I'm glad my injuries amused you. Ow... OW... it stings. D=

    What's done is done! And nothing can change that, ahaha.

    HRA and Crazylett~ And you liked my crazy drawing? X3 Ahahaha, I like to draw weird things too often.
    X3 Aaaaah, I see.

    Because I lack a heart? How many times must we go over this?

    DX ;;Injured Arylett is injured;; It IS weird. D< And because of it, I was beat up by an angry mutant zombie homeless guy!

    Aaah, what about Bipolarbear, all together, without caps inbetween? You like Crazylett? Ahahahaa. HRA = Her Royal Arylettness. You see, I'm the Queen of Arylettopia. See? I really AM Crazylett.
    YES! I guessed right :D I thought it had something to do with some words being "Not all there".
    :D Thanks. At first I couldn't make heads or tails of yours, but I figured it out eventually. Kind of.
    Thanks. :D I quite like it as well! And that's pretty rad, although I barely remember what happened in old vBTCoD now...
    Does your username have to do with this?
    Just wondering. I liek the Soup.
    I went by Polar before Dewgong... x3

    That's okay, you didn't copy me, I'm sure there's lots of Polar's out there. I'm not known by Polar here, so that's okay.

    :) At least you called my Dewgong.
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