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  • I wish I had your show. I love the Beatles D:

    (also I was being sarcastic about next year's show, I guess that wasn't too obvious or something)

    It was actually fairly easy to memorize the opener, since I actually played a different version last year in concert band. The only problem I ever had with the music was not playing when I was supposed to, because I was used to the flutes playing those notes in the concert band arrangement. The ballad and closer are two differently-arranged parts of a three-part piece that the wind ensemble played last year. Too bad we're not playing my favorite of Balmages' music, Among the Clouds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjlADVI0pX8) (though I suspect it would be somewhat hard to march that). D:
    The theme of the show is Music by Brian Balmages, although the band director refers to it as Connexus (and there's even a specific Connexus set which we hit on the first big impact of the opener and a few times after). There's getting to be progressively less sense in the themes each year, though. Four years ago, when our band director first came to the school, it was West Side Story. The year after that it was Stargazing. The year after was Music by American Composers (I think officially referred to as American Composers or something) and this year it's Music by Brian Balmages/Connexus. Next year our band director's probably going to make the show Three Different Adaptations of One Piece That I Composed. 8D I'm going to try and get my mom to videotape our full show so I can put it on Youtube and I'll probably send you the link once that happens (so far we have the opener, the ballad, and six sets of the closer done). What's your theme?

    And 14 of the 34 moving sets I have are backwards marching.
    Earlier this year, when I came back to band camp after not having done anything in band since November, I managed to screw up some of the commands. Such screw-ups included going to attention with the wrong foot. xD I'm not sure how I pulled that one off. Although even after getting re-accustomed, I found out recently that one of our sets is Hold 9 Move 12, so I have to step off with the right foot. I daresay somebody's going to mess it up sometime.
    This makes my fifth year playing, second year marching. I love playing the trumpet, even if I'm not incredibly good at it. (My teacher says I have really good sightreading skills, though.) What about you?
    So I just saw from one of your posts that you were in a marching band. :D What do you play? I play trumpet.
    Ahaha, me too! I've always had trouble, so don't worry, you're not the only one. According to my old teacher, I needed more CONFIDENCE behind the wheel.

    I'll be getting a bit of practice first, my dad's taking me out to drive today. And thank you! Good luck with yours too!
    Glad your eye's feeling better :3
    Your driving lessons sound better-structured than mine. Basically, I was dumped in the driver's seat and told what to do; we don't get any movies or book work or anything.
    Glad you like your car; over the year-and-a-bit when I was having my lessons, I learned in a whole bunch of different cars (two Minis, a Nissan Micra, some kind of Citroen and a couple of others I'm forgetting), and it took me ages to get used to all of them, which was a real pain.

    Sucks that you live in a place with bad public transport, though; I use PT (especially trains) to get everywhere and I don't know what I'd do without it; it's good, but also pretty expensive; when I'm at home, I spent more money on transport than anything else.

    Aww, thank you! I think you're the first person who says they like it; everyone else is shocked and horrified that I changed it after so long X3
    Sorry to hear about your eye; is it okay now? Eye problems are the absolute worst DX And well done for finishing school :)

    How's driver's ed going? What car are you learning in? I passed my theory exam about two years ago, but haven't driven anywhere in months because a) I'm at uni most of the time, and b) I'm absolutely terrible at driving.
    Hi! Uh, not a great lot's happening with me right now; it's mostly frantic revision for my finals (I've left all studying to pretty much the last second), interspersed with watching Buffy DVDs over at my friends' when I get bored of reading about social policy, etc. Which, as you can imagine, happens quite a bit.
    Everything good with you? Have you had exams and if so, did they go okay?

    Also, I've been meaning to say, your icon is great :)
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