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  • I slept through most of it. X3 It was okay, I guess. Not really the best Christmas, my sister isn't here and yesterday I had to go to some relatives who I didn't even know's house and it was sort of boring. I would've gone today again, but I told my parents I didn't feel well. (sort of lying really, I just didn't want to go again.) I've only got a few movies, my main Christmas present however, is coming later. It's a laptop which we ordered and won't come until January or so. I'm excited for that, at least I have something to look forward to~

    And your Christmas?
    D'awww thank you. I still have yet to finish them though, I might have to give them to the people after Christmas. Gaah, so lazy and procrastination. And I wish I knew about most of the topics to write about them like that. Mostly when I write essays, I just sort of pretend to know what I'm talking about.
    Oooh, it sounds cool~ And I don't really know, our system makes no sense. We used to take the finals before Break, but they decided to change it for unknown reasons.

    Whooo~ That's good to hear! I think most people are better at multiple choice and bad at essays. But I can't say really for sure.

    You think they're amazing? Awww~ Thank you! Well, I've still got a long way to go. There are some people I don't know what to draw as well... hmm. It's a bit hard thinking about presents and drawings. But I'm rushing as fast as I can to get these gifts done.
    Aaaah, it certainly does look like his suit though. I can see where you got that. My friend said I looked like a lawyer, actually~ And wizard rock, what's that? It sounds interesting! And yaaaay finals are DEAD! I haven't had mine yet, we don't have ours until after Christmas Break. I've also heard that AP World History is a really hard class, eeep. I hope you did well on it though.

    Me? I've been basically drawing Christmas gifts for all of my friends, including my sister. It's been a bit of work, since I'm not really too comfortable with drawing humans yet and a lot of it has been human drawing. I've got five days to finish these gifts, it's a bit stressful, but I think it's worth it. It improves my drawing skills and will make my friends happy~ I also don't have money to buy anyone anything, so drawing them something is all I can do.
    Oh, I'm quite fine~

    And no actually it's not. X3 (I've never played Phoenix Wright) I made it myself, that's me dressed up as a President with a very angry expression on my face. It's a crazy injoke between me and my friend, just really crazy. (The full picture from which I took it.)

    What have you been up to?
    Ehe, it's that time in the morning (4:07) where I'm past the point of tiredness, but I know I'm going to regret being up this late come morning XD
    I've royally screwed up my sleep pattern over the last few weeks; I keep going to bed at about 5 and not getting up till 3pm. It's terrible XD
    How've you been?
    X3 Oh my God, I do craaazy things.

    Not good, my mom's currently having a party today. LOUD party. The music is really, really, really loud and the bass is vibrating my walls. I can barely focus. Gaaah.
    Busy with uni stuff; lots of lectures, seminars, reading and spending time with people. It's great fun, don't get me wrong, but it leaves me with little time to do Internetish stuff. Other than that... same old, I guess.

    And yourself?
    Hehe, thanks; I absolutely adore it too, and have been making everyone I know watch it, regardless of whether they actually care about American politics ("But I don't even know who Sarah Palin is!" "I don't care, watch it anyway! :D"). XD
    X3 You've only watched me be silly once.

    If you want to HEAR me be silly, head over to the Voice thread. Oh by the Gods, if you liked that video, you'll like my crazysongs.

    I like doing stupid silly things to amuse people. X3
    You liked it? X3

    It was just a silly video, with me being silly. I suppose some people were entertained. Thank you~
    Aaaah, it sounds really cool! Hmm, maybe I should go rent it or something. Is it one of your favourite movies?

    Also did you hear about how they're going to make the seventh book of Harry Potter into a movie? They're going to split it into two parts, so they won't miss anything. I think it's a VERY good idea, if you screw that movie up, everyone would probably hate you for life.
    Oh, I love those songs.

    Sanctuary? And uh, Simple and Clean?

    Coldplay is very good, trust me. They are the only band whose songs I've all heard and like.

    Do you like The Beatles?
    I'm not... that musically knowledgable as much as other people. I just sort of listen to whatever I like really. Mostly video game music. And Coldplay. But that's it really.
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