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  • No, I haven't, I just thought that since you used a generally SPPF only meme (what is this I don't even) you were a member there. ^_^\

    Sorry. ;_;
    Hey I'm not alone! *Singing* I'm not the only yoshi, although that's been that for some time now, but I'm not the only yoshi! I just saw that you were online, and was happy. So yeah, just wanted to say 'Hi' as a fellow yoshi.
    Sorry about your lose. It is hard when they go, even if you had been expecting it for a long time. That's why I worry about my kitten a lot, since he has never been out except twice, I'm worried something would happen to him.
    I couldn't help but click your link to the picture of your kitten.. it's so cute and plushie :3 ..and looks JUST like my old tom, who died last year. He really looked just like yours when he was little..

    I miss him sometimes..

    Yes. I actually had forgotten about it for a while. I'll keep that link in mind so I can download it later. Thanks.
    I'm sorry. But it was a great idea....well, at the time, anyways. On a realated note: Yay for Brawl Swaps! You know, I could have done that Peach-zombie-thing. But I'm not that evil.
    WHY. Why have you given Pikaman SPRITE FORM?!


    *This was a direct crop and past, I will buy it in the depths of my photobucket graveyard after you apologize for this MONSTER given birth in sprite form.;;
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