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  • You know, if te world were to spin around in the opposite direction, the Coriolis Effect would reverse
    Ahh... I think I left this forum for a while in November :/ Sometimes I go to spend some time under a rock in my garden, y'know?

    Oh so that art website forum thing is closed now. I hope that won't happen to tCoD. I'd diiiiieee... D:
    :O wow... Just wow... When did you write it?

    Hmmm... I've never heard of Mew's Hangout. It does ring a bell though... :/ Nah, can't recall any forum like that.
    81...? *Awed* That must've taken... like 8 years? At least that's how many years it'd take for me to write if I kept up writing at this pace ^^;

    Oh, Pokécommunity was the first forum I joined :P It was like... 2 years ago, something like that. But this is the forum I go most to, because the nicest people are here :3. I'm known as Bakun there. Or, well, not "known" I was... just there x3
    Well, our music teacher all gave us one person to write about. Damn 7 pages in Word X_x I have to write about Claude Debussy. Couldn't find anything in norwegian about him, however, so I'm translating english texts. It's actually quite fun, and I learn lots of new words :3.

    Uranium... Do you go to Pokecommunity? Doesn't JV have an account there also?

    Oh, yeah. End of term is always the hardest. At least here where I live :/.
    Same basically. I have to finish three essays :/. I hate those essays.

    Um well, I'm just spending time here, not much.

    Been spriting much lately?
    I had too look up etymology- a rare occurence for me :)
    I'm afraid I still didn't know it, but I ended up checking it out. I know zephyr refers to a soft wind, but I wasn't sure why (I'm vaguely interested in languages and roots). It's actually pretty cool. Still appropriate, to me at least ;)
    Thanks for the welcome!
    Oh yeah, and sorry for making you're head explode.
    Could you possibly judge the halloween spriting contest sometime soon?
    It's fine, and well deserved. Heh, well it's also good to have the skills to support that ego. I really lose interest with sprites when I attempt to start up again.

    Heh, I know; they're still adorable Pokémon, and I like them more than Pachirisu.
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