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  • MHF was my first forum too. I still remember joining in the conforums era when i was only 11....Yeesh, didn't even realise it was so long ago. o.o Yeah, it's a real shame, it was a cool site.

    Haha, i love that chapter. The main storyline with the tin pin game is very funny, have you got through that yet? Also, Beat is hilarious. ;-; I feel sorry for Rhyme though. "We ain't got time for salt!"
    Hiya. =D I was TR at MHF. Too bad it died, and Mewkitty vanished off the face of the internet.

    And yes, TWEWY is <3. I've unhealthily obsessed with it.
    Aww. Thanks. ^^ Mmkay, I'll start a gallery for now... probably not requests though, I'll just take suggestions. xD

    Ah... at least it was a recolor, though, and not just your unedited scratch sprite... though I suppose in a way that makes it worse...? I don't know.
    I love the word spiffy. xD Ooh, yes, I suppose... maybe if I started a sprite thread, it'd give me more motivation. Or I could just crit. xD

    xD Wow. Did they get caught? I strongly dislike sprite thieves... >O
    Just wanted to ask if you could check my album and tell me if you think
    they're goog or not!
    Thnx! :)
    Hi,I saw your scratches and they're so cool.
    Hi,again I'm AuraWulf wanna be my friend.
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