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  • Yes, they should definitely have Mark and Stephen write all the episodes! They clearly love the characters so much, and want to do them justice. And even the minor characters are wonderful and add loads to the series, but they were pretty much all missing from TBB - part of the reason it wasn't so good, I think.

    I watched Jekyll just last week, actually! And it is brilliant. James Nesbitt is absolutely incredible (I'd never seen him in anything else), and the writing/directing/acting/everything was just so good to keep it so intense for six whole hours. But it was really sweet and funny at the same time <3
    Moffat should just take every classic book ever written and update it to the modern day, because the results are always spectacular.

    House is fun TV, but, I think, doesn't really deserve to be called good TV. House (and Wilson, who was really only there to emphasise his House-ness) was the only good character, and while they made a brave choice to axe half the cast in series 4, he was still the only really interesting character, and I absolutely cannot bring myself to care about who he does or doesn't get with.
    Don't get me wrong, lots of my favourite TV shows are from America, but they either went on far too long and ruined themselves a bit (24, Buffy), or were cancelled early because the ratings were too low, even though they were fresh and original (Firefly, Pushing Daisies).
    Another great thing about UK TV - stuff made by the BBC is entirely publicly funded, so they don't rely on advertising, so they can take risks and make more original stuff.

    I love guessing ahead. I'd say I'm normally right, but I'll usually guess every possible outcome, so I'm bound to be a bit right (I did call Jekyll getting his Hyde-ness from his mother, though!). I'm an incredibly annoying person to watch television with. It's like "of course he's the boy's father, look at the turn-ups on his jeans!" except without any of Sherlock's charm and being right.

    I didn’t notice the blinking-SOS thing at all until some online fan community pointed it out and now I don’t know how I missed it. That was just so clever, and to have it not be commented on at all (even in the commentary) was really cool.

    I adored Life on Mars, and I really want to see Ashes to Ashes at some point, but the DVDs are still too expensive. I utterly adore Gene Hunt. I’d absolutely hate him irl, but as a character, he’s wonderful. He and Sam were fantastic, and I hope that he and Keely Hawes’ character have as good chemistry as they did.
    I’ve read the synopsis of the US version of LOM and it sounds hysterically bad. They actually go to Mars, what the hell? XD

    Sort-of related, my sister and I are watching a BBC series that aired a few years back (it could still be going, actually, but we’ve only got S1) called Hustle at the moment, and it’s pretty good and Gene’s actor (whose name I’ve completely forgotten) is one of the main characters. Anyways, in one episode we watched today, the plot revolved around a fake painting, and the word ‘pentimento’ was explained. Which made me feel a bit silly, because I kept reading your username as ‘pimento’.

    I can’t remember how the 2009 Holmes film ended, but apparently it was completely set up for a sequel, so. I’m not expecting anything great, but I’ll probably see it when it comes out. There’s a Sherlock Holmes film that was made, I think, this year, that almost defines the phrase “so bad it’s good”. It’s hilariously bad, and has Ianto from Torchwood as Watson. And, curiously, dinosaurs. And giant steampunky mechanical dragons. It’s quite impossible to describe, actually (here's the imdb link).

    I watched it with some friends when we had an incredibly geeky Sherlock Holmes night (which was basically watching all three BBC episodes and then the bad film). We’re planning another one, where we’ll watch the pilot and all the Sherlock Holmes films that Stephen and Mark talk about in the audiocommentary XD
    Hurr, maybe. It would be nice, but my mother recently have me some money towards my lovely, shiny, light, long-battery-life, big-memory laptop that I love very much, so I don't want to push it. You don't want to see the state my old laptop was in.

    I guess it's impossible to please everyone - the racism in TBB really was strange, though, wasn't it? But it's nice how many Conan Doyle fans really like the new version - so many reviews I've read begin with "At first I was sceptical at the idea of Sherlock Holmes in modern-day London, but then...".

    I completely agree with the addiction to mysteries being the problem, rather than the drugs. I much preferred House when it was just the original team solving medical mysteries, without crazy love triangles and rehab and taking the characters to DARK, DARK places. I haven't even seen the newest season (I'll probably get it after it comes out on DVD and becomes somewhat cheap), but everyone I've spoken to says it's not as good. One thing UK TV does know how to do is quit while it's ahead and not just go on and on for as long as a show might keep making money. It does mean frustratingly short seasons, but at least they're normally good :)

    Jeeves and Wooster originally aired absolutely ages ago, but it sometimes airs late at night on UK comedy channels, which is how I've seen bits. It's basically Fry and Laurie as Jeeves and Wooster, a rich idiot and his butler, from P.G. Wodehouse’s novels. It's quite good.
    V for Vendetta is one of my favourite films :)

    Hehe, the whole "scuff marks around the phone charger socket mean it belongs to an alcoholic" is a fantastic updating from the original. I won't spoil it for you :D I've been reading some of the stories I never read before since watching Sherlock and have been noticing some of the shout-outs in reverse, too. I think it's fun either way XD

    I wondered if the whole camp gay act was an act or a whole series of bluffs, too. Before the second and third episodes aired, a couple of friends and I would check the blogs religiously, and we theorised that Molly's boyfriend Jim could be Moriarty. And then he said how he loved Glee and we were all "LOLOLOL imagine if he was" and then he actually was and we all laughed and it ruined the big ~reveal moment~ a bit.
    But that split-second moment in TGG when Sherlock thinks John could be Moriarty! GUH. It hurts every time D: (and I kept rewatching it to marvel at the SOS blinking thing because that is so amazing)

    John Simm would've made a pretty good Moriarty, I think. I love how he can be so "AHAHA I AM SO CRAZY" in Who, and then so "Oh god, what if I am mad?" and utterly sympathetic in Life on Mars.

    I want to rewatch the RDJ film to see how it compares to the BBC Sherlock. I remember leaving the cinema thinking it was pretty good, but I finished ASiP and thought it was the best thing ever. Apparently they're making a sequel - it'll be interesting to see how it measures up to the second series of Sherlock :D
    Well, I'm at home at the moment, and my parents pay for the internet, so I'm not complaining. One of my university housemates is up at our house now, trying to get a decent internet connection sorted, so hopefully it will be ~glorious~ in comparison. But, you know, not-breaking would be good enough for me.

    I've read a bunch of reviews for Sherlock (most of them very positive), and there have been a couple of people who absolutely RAGE against the BBC series for being "too politically correct" (whatever that means), especially citing the vague references to previous drug use, while in the books it's a lot more explicit. But they brought up the drugs thing in the commentary, and (I forget who made the point) they said taking in cultural differences between now and Conan Doyle's time, making Sherlock someone who sits at home all the time doing drugs would make him a complete loser. Which I really liked. I love how, when they changed *anything* from the books, they had a good reason for it. Mycroft's diets are fantastic XD

    Yeah, in most of his comedy stuff, Hugh is about ten times more camp than Stephen, which is really saying something XD They're an absolutely wonderful comedy double-act (I need to hunt down the Jeeves and Wooster DVD boxset from somewhere), and their serious stuff is just as good. Although, thinking about it, the only thing I can think of when they did serious stuff together is the fantastic film Peter's Friends, but they do seriousness fantastically individually. Like Hugh in House. And Stephen in V for Vendetta, where he essentially plays himself. Lestrade's actor's in that one, too! :D

    Wasn't Creation banned in some places in America or something? I'd like to watch it sometime, and not just for the Benedict.

    I'm not a big fan of romance movies either, but Love Actually is such festive fluff, I can't help but like it. It has an absolute ton of great actors in, too; Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman... and Martin, of course. He's more "body double for sex scenes" than "porn star", actually, but it's still a) hilarious, and b) more of Martin than I ever wanted to see.

    I live about an hour's drive from Dartmoor, where Hound of the Baskervilles is set, so we studied it in school when I was about 10, and I've liked Conan Doyle's stuff ever since. A Study in Pink is the only one that's properly based off a single story (I read The Adventure of the Dancing Men in preparation for The Blind Banker and was so confused when it was completely different), but all the shout-outs to the different books (and I'm sure I've missed half of them) are wonderful.

    I admit I haven't actually read any of the books with Moriarty in, but so many people seem to hate him, I have to ask - what did you think of him? I thought he was pretty cool. I was hoping he'd be played by somebody fantastic (*coughStephenFry*) and/or be a woman (I so, so want there to be a twist and have it turn out Molly is the *actual* Moriarty), but I think he worked pretty well. Given Sherlock is pretty much The Doctor (sans the TARDIS, but with superpowers of deduction), the Master-ness of Moriarty was fun to watch.

    I enjoyed the RDJ film as a film in its own right, but not as a version of Sherlock Holmes. It didn't feel like a mystery, since it was mostly explosions and fight scenes and generally a bit too Hollywood-y.

    Hee, those pictures of Benedict in a dress that keep popping up are fantastic. I would love to know their context XD
    Haha. I wrote a response which opened with me complaining about how rubbish my internet connection is, clicked 'post message' and my internet had crashed and I lost the whole thing. Sort of proves my point, though :p
    It's not so much the slowness that annoys me (I don't really do much that requires a very fast connection), but the random disconnecting is something I could happily live without.

    I'm with you on drugged Sherlock not working for character reasons, but I did love the "Do you do a lot of drugs?""Not anymore." exchange. But they made up for it with Lestrade's drugs bust. And "this is a three-patch problem". And, oh, Mrs Hudson and her herbal soothers <3

    I haven't seen Fortysomething, no, but you said the magic words ("Stephen Fry") so I'll definitely try and find it, especially if Hugh's there, too. It amuses me so much that in the US, Hugh Laurie's known for playing a misanthropic genius, while everyone in the UK knows him from his many, many roles playing a lovable idiot.

    Amazing Grace is also on the to-watch list.
    Have you seen the Stephen Hawking biopic he was in? Is it any good?

    I've rewatched a bunch of things with Martin in since watching Sherlock, and everything's so much funnier when you imagine his characters as Watson. Seeing him play a porn star (named John) in Love Actually was absolutely hilarious.

    I love Martin's Watson, too~ I'm a big fan of the books (I haven't read them all, but I've read my favourites over and over), and it annoys me when Watson's done wrongly. Holmes is usually okay (I wasn't a fan of RDJ in the recent film, though), but bumbling, clueless Watson is just not cool.
    I hadn't seen any of fowlhunter's stuff before and, oh, it is amazing. I just had to go and link the Female Impersonator picture to pretty much everyone I know. <3
    I wish I could download stuff, but my internet connection's too rubbish. I got Sherlock from a friend, but just about everything else I want, I have to see on TV or get the DVD of.

    The difference in lighting and camerawork between the Pilot and ASIP are pretty fantastic, too. I'm not usually someone who notices all the technical stuff (I'm a sociology student, so I'm normally looking out for minority representation - and despite how bad Sherlock's representation of women/non-white/homeless people is, I still adore it), but it's amazing how much they improved it.
    They really are like movies, both in length and quality. It's such a shame we only got three (with the promise of more! And they've hinted at Hound of the Baskervilles!), but, damn, they were good.

    I'd never seen Benedict in anything before Sherlock, and I'd seen some of the promotional pictures and stuff, and I don't know what I imagined his voice to be like, but it was very different to how it actually is.
    Though I was expecting adorable bemusement from Martin - in just about everything he's been in (especially The Office and The Hitch-Hiker's Guide film) he's always the normal guy in a world of craziness, and Sherlock is no exception XD

    Oh god, the sex line picture is so, so funny and wrong in every way XD It had me laughing for absolutely ages. I never knew the joy that was tumblr before getting into Sherlock, and now I've got an embarassingly large folder of Sherlock-related pictures saved on my computer. You probably know already, but Deviantart's really good for Sherlock pictures, too - Slinkers' stuff is especially funny.
    Aww ): Are you a USian? Or do you not have a TV? I'm really glad it aired while I was at home and could use my parents' TV - I don't have one at university.

    Yesss, the werewolf scene was pretty excellent XD And yeah, John being all "something is WRONG" was adorable, and us not seeing it was John who shot evil!cabbie was good, I think. As was Sherlock not taking an age to realise it was a cabbie they were looking out for. That really irritated me in the actual ep.
    But the aired episode gave us Mycroft, who I utterly love, so I can't complain <3

    The audiocommentary was epic, wan't it? Normally I get bored with commentaries, but I happily sat through all three hours in one sitting XD My absolute favourite bit was Martin saying how the lighting made his face look round, insisting that he was normally very chiseled, then Stephen asking "out of what?" and Benedict going "marshmalloooow...". So good.

    The Alan Rickman impressions were fantastic. Benedict has a unexpectedly deep voice, doesn't he?

    I get really obsessed with TV shows, too :D The second I finished watching A Study In Pink on iPlayer, I searched the internet for any fan communities, and there were a whole bunch there already. Plus the 'official' stuff, like John's blog and Sherlock's website, which are the greatest things ever.

    You might've seen this already, but this is an endless source of amusement for me.
    Hee! Isn't it *wonderful*? I really loved the pilot episode (mostly for drunk Sherlock and Anderson's BEARD); it was amazing how much they improved it, but I did really enjoy it :)

    I watched it legally on TV, legally again on BBC iPlayer, then downloaded it illegally and then bought a legal DVD. I think I even out XD
    Thanks for taking up the reffings for Squorn vs Blastoise but my computer's fixed now, so I can take over again.

    Thanks again.
    Whoops. Missed that, I just saw you post in Psymon's thread and got mixed up; I most decisively did not see Squorn's post in the Emergency Referee Thread.

    Thanks, by the way.
    You. Your angel is giving me the creeps.

    ... Your signature banner is cool too. :D
    Ohh. :o~ That's pretty sound, yeah.
    Sorry if I'm being a nosey creeper, I just like knowing these things.
    eh I don't want to clog up the Challenge Board thread anymore but

    I'd think it would be hard if your account wasn't even registered on the forums until three days after Negrek had last graded trial reffings...
    Unless you just PM'd her with your trial ref or something (seeing as she was online today) or you're an old member coming back. I'm just asking out of curiosity. Or is it a secret or something? If you don't want to tell that's fine.
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