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  • The thing about it is that the official crit bonus isn't multiplied in, it's added in, at the end of the calculation, and the number that's added in is equal to half the base damage (that, admittedly, is a mistake I've also fallen into frequently). It's a slightly different beast from direct multiplication, but the difference will definitely be visible in this case.

    (and for what it's worth, as far as I can tell, JackPK ordered a Sandstorm specifically in the event of Pokey being fully paralyzed in the first action, so, there's probably no Sandstorm in the next round. In any case, the match dragging out for an extra round means that two whole actions from this round, that wouldn't have been done otherwise, will be done.)
    So, I kind of need to pull you up on something again. (one of these days I've got to actually do a check on your scale -- and that of anyone else who has a scale out there, for that matter -- to check for all the possible problem points at once instead of just intermittently pointing things out as they happen to come up, so hopefully once I get that done with we won't have to keep doing this, but I'll specially kind of have to be prompt with this particular issue because there are KOs involved)

    Your scale does critical hits exactly as the game does, as far as I can tell; the problem is, the games don't function on the same numbers or time scale as ASB does at all, so applying game mechanics to reffings without adapting can lead to aberrant numbers. Critical hits are a fine example of this -- they rapidly become very likely to happen because increasing your crit ratio in the games costs valuable time and even as much as 50% odds on critting isn't very good, being that you're not so likely to get both enough turns to set that up and enough turns to land crits reliably with it. In ASB, you do have that time, comfortably so, so the ratio increases in steadier increments, to the point that it's extremely difficult to get it to 50% and you can't even go beyond that.

    But the probability is just a hypothetical example of what might go wrong. The damage, on the other hand, is a bit of a different story. The crit bonuses you're currently applying increase with other, unrelated factors and can easily overshoot 7%, which are both things that the official damage scale explicitly says shouldn't happen. Not that I'm saying the official damage scale is gospel under all circumstances, mind, but the official damage scale was built to result in numbers that work for ASB, hence, the restrictions are there for good reasons; whereas the in-game damage mechanics were definitely not built to result in numbers that work for ASB, so, there's no justification for applying them in ASB intact. If you're going to do something different from the official damage scale, it should at least be something that was also specifically made with ASB in mind (and to be frank, I can't really imagine a different way from the official one actually working for ASB crits at all). The alternative to this is getting numbers that are too high for ASB.
    It makes sense for these things to affect the Pokémon who's using the move; the Pokémon who's (albeit by proxy) being struck by the move, not as much.
    That's much better, it should be within the recommended average duration now. (Although I definitely can't help but wonder what the rationale is behind counting excess Substitute damage towards the attraction drop...)

    I wouldn't imagine it'd be quite that disruptive being that this is being fixed up before the next commands were even issued, but, if everyone's fine with it, so much the better, I guess.
    So, loathe as I am to be steadily turning this into an entire page of VMs about status scale wank -- this is probably not really going to do huge changes to the current tournament round, and I apologize for not taking notice of this earlier, but, your attraction scale is off. The official guideline is that "it should be lasting 3-5 actions if the foe is attacking normally", but by your scale, it's unlikely to last more than 2 actions under those circumstances. Dropping the attract fail chance by twice the damage taken by the Pokémon is a little too much (as little damage as 5% will shave 10% off, which is an entire action's worth per your scale), and automatically dropping the rate by 10% per action is, while potentially acceptable, definitely too much when coupled with that. You'll likely have to lower those reduction rates all around in order for the status to be effective at all.
    sooo, what's going to happen when Pokey tries to dig through the bridge?
    I think Reynolds should've taken 23% damage from each of the Sky Attacks, since he had +2 Defense from the Superpowers last round. Which I think would've lead him to survive and Sonya to die? (Mind my thirst for revenge, it's only overpowering sometimes.)
    Oh yeah I just meant poor Littlefoot just got stomped. I've still got two little engines of vengeance on my squad.
    I have to thank you for reffing this battle (as traitorous as my "comrades" are) and also making Littlefoot go all old man.

    RIP in peace though >.>
    yeah, i guess that's fair. but malmö getting a KO was like, my priority number 1 for this whole battle, haha. otherwise i wouldn't have sweat it and just let delve clean up.
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