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  • okay real talk here, could you implement a little tool to track money cat's progress across asber
    How easy or difficult would it to be implement a feature in the database that allows trainers to manually arrange their Pokémon? If you find a way to do this it would greatly please me and my obsessive compulsive tendencies.
    And by the way, since this is also basically the web app's birthday as well, I figure I'd put forth a token of appreciation for getting it up and running. So, I'm sending you a gift that coincidentally consists of $40, a Rare Candy, and, er, I guess it's a HA Pokémon that you're not being charged for, technically. (All out my own pockets, I'm not using the admin powers to add them.)

    Anyways, the app's not only super convenient, it's also arguably what lifted off the early usergroup discussions that ultimately got us where we are now, so, it's really first and foremost thanks you that the league's gotten where we currently is. So, for that, thank you very much.
    Muahahaha, now I have power to mess up Eifie's profile really good- I mean, er, no prob.
    I could've sworn that I checked for this when I implemented it, but apparently not, because Metallica Fanboy vs Sandstone-Shadow is showing up in Sandstone-Shadow's wins on her profile even though the battle hasn't been approved yet.
    Hey... I sent you a pm about wanting to be a referee in ASB.... Did you ever get it? I'm not sure whether or not it actually got sent...
    yo, looks like you missed Totodile taking over for this battle since it was a shady under-the-table deal... TruetoCheese never actually reffed a round, but MF did, so I guess you should replace him with MF and then put Totodile as the current e-ref.
    (also, the random person who liked a bunch of your posts on Tumblr and then followed you is me, unless there's another random person who liked a bunch of your posts at the same time c:)
    That's great, glad you like it! I ended up getting one from Music Dragon, myself. Guess it's been a busy holiday season for Silph.

    Anyways, thanks for getting this whole shindig up and running on such a short notice. That was some pretty good work. ... And speaking of good work, congrats on the progress with the job situation!
    yooo! i have been informed that i received gifts on asbdb but nothing seems to have happened? possibly because i didn't use my computer at all on christmas and now maybe these things are stuck in gift-limbo. that's what i get for inactivity, i guess.

    also congrats about hearing back from shopify!!!! I'm really glad for you. hope you had a great christmas as well!!
    heehee I can see other people's gifts by editing the url

    edit: it looks like you actually did that on purpose? :o what if the gift is a secret. what if I don't want anyone to know that I was the one who gave myself one million dollars
    ha ha, I found a problem! when I'm looking at a gift someone gave me, and I click the Pokémon's name, it won't let me see its details :(

    edit: one more thing that may not be worth fixing: it says that Super Pumpkaboo evolves into Average Gourgeist. I'll have you know that my Super Small Tommy is not average! :(
    Hello! It looks like the system for keeping track of items in trades might not be working right if the gifter originally had more than one of the item, I think? I bought three Big Roots and then gave one each to three separate people, in trades 59, 64, and 67, but my bag still shows that I have two Big Roots, and the system didn't protest when I tried to gift you both (I cancelled the trade.)

    edit: I did some testing, and the database doesn't give me any errors when I try to equip one on a Pokemon but doesn't decrease the number of Big Roots it says I have, either. Equipping further still decreases the value by an according amount, and de-equipping doesn't raise the number to more than two, so I guess it thinks I have three Big Roots and says I have two while I should have none.
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