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  • I think as an Easter Egg we'll throw it in as a move combination in Pokemon Amber (the fangame I'm working for.) In a 2-on-2 battle, have one Pokemon use fly and then the other Pokemon use thunder on it.

    awww. ;D dogs are really cute. that's actually what i was planning to do as soon as i get a job. xD

    wellp, baseball season just ended, and that kinda sucks. but i'm moving up to a new league next year, and we get to use wooden bats. which, surprisingly is awesome. hah.

    other than that, I've been relaxing and enjoying what's left of my summer. school starts the 26th. which is in 2 days. D:
    I don't really know actually, I kind of just left MH and TCoD. Hah.

    So, what're you up to lately?
    Ahh, so many fond memories... MHF was my first ever forum. And the site was glorious and powerful in its day. But now it's gone, never to return again... *wipes away single tear*

    Make that two of us. x3 I'm currently on Another Day, obsessively climbing Pork City... guh I'm trying to find a suitable quote but all I can come up with is "Why don't you come back when you grow a pair?" xD
    Oh hey, I remember you from way back at MHF I think. :3 I'm Zephyr.

    You also have Rhyme in your avatar, which is instant win. TWEWY <3
    I think I remember you from the old forum, but a few things have changed about ASB. o.o;;

    For one thing... you're not on the (current) ref list anymore- check the thread. I think it won't be a big problem for you to get back on though, just post in the thread/PM Negrek asking to get your status back. -shrug-
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